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Oct 29, 2013 10:02 PM

Anyone Been to Solterra Winery & Kitchen in Lecaudia?


Was at a promotional party tonight for a new flavored champagne and met a couple of people from No. County who could not stop raving about this place....claim it's a great place for tapas, wine, and it's a great socializing place...have not heard about it and was wondering if anyone here has been there and what their experience was.

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  1. Can you really trust someone's wine taste when you meet them at a party for flavored champagne? That being said, I have driven by a bunch of times but never stopped. They did a beautiful job with the space but I prefer to taste wine without food and too many background distractions. I want the wine to stand up on its own, that way I can a better feel for it. I plan on stopping by, but probably early before the crowds come in.

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      the husband is from Spain, so I imagine he might have some street cred with respect to tapas....might have to give it a shot one of these upcoming weekends and will report back.

    2. Flavored champagne? Is this a new pretzel bun?

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        starts with the name Magnifico....was a promotional event at Herringbones in LJ...friend of mine is an investor and there is some star power behind it (James Brennan is involved, one of the higher ups from Qualcomm is a backer)...I had a peach infused champagne that tasted quite good, followed by a grapefruit infused champagne that was decent but not quite as good. Definitely marketed towards a female audience.

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          It actually should do well. Wilson Creek sells their god awful almond flavored champagne by the truckload. BevMo even carries it. It always reminds me of Boone's Farm.

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            Almond flavored champagne?!?!????

            I'm not sure whether I should laugh or gag...

            It might be a nice baking ingredient tho'