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Oct 29, 2013 10:01 PM

Where can I get Egg foo Young?

I lived in a Boston suburb (Medford) for 15 yrs and 25 yrs in Nashville, now I live in Covina, Ca outside LA. My question is; Why can I not get Egg Foo Young in LA? It was standard in Boston and Nashville Chinese restaurants

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  1. I use to work in a restaurant in Colorado which made awesome egg foo young but I can't find it back in CA as well. But the one we made was very different so I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find it here. I'm still interested to know more about the dish though as it's very similar to something my family use to cook.

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      it was on every chinese restaurant menu i ever saw growing up in the midwest. basically a meat and bean sprout omelet covered in shiny soy sauce gravy (the chinese-american answer to bechamel sauce) where the thickener was corn starch.

      egg fu yung, lemon chicken, shrimp fried rice and the ubiquitous fortune cookies.... constituting fine chinese dining back in the day... and of course, beef with broccoli.

    2. This isn't close to you, but Dragon Palace in Santa Monica has Egg Foo Young on its menu. Never ordered it though. There's got to be some place near you that serves it.

      Edit: This Yelp search shows several places in/near Covina that apparently serves it:

      1. welcome to the southland. you now have the chance to sample a lot of authentic ethnic cuisines you couldn't get where you used to live, including a very diverse range of different regional chinese cuisines - and most of it is relatively nearby within the san gabriel valley, hereafter referred to as the SGV. (using SGV as a search parameter will bring up a lot of suggestions for dining)

        to answer your question, should you choose to take advantage of the opportunity, you will eventually discover that something like egg foo young, a standard for chinese style restaurants that cater primarily to non chinese patrons, really isn't part of any authentic ethnic chinese regional cuisine, although it is somewhat similar to japanese okonomiyaki.

        peter made a good suggestion vis a vis using yelp, which might be a more appropriate alternative for locating what you're looking for.

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          Actually egg foo young isn't entirely in-authentic Chinese food in fact its only slightly twisted from what I grew up eating, my grandparents made a similar dish which is what I suppose EFY is derived from. Namely the homecooked version isn't deepfried and covered in a thick cornstarch gravy. So I think the comparison to okonomiyaki is actually quite inaccurate as EFY is based off a very similar Chinese dish.

        2. I grew up in the mid-west and egg foo young was a standard at every round-the-corner Chinese place.

          I found a little hole in the wall near the corner of Westwood Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd. The Mandarin Kitchen

          1. What kind of egg foo young?

            As a kid in my parent's restaurant, I was making that stuff before I learned how to spin a yo-yo. Bad flashbacks.

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              <that stuff>

              There was a restaurant, where I grew up, in the heart of what is now referred to as 'the international district'.

              It was Chinatown. The restaurant had the best dim sum I've ever had...all of it rolled around on steam tables to pick and choose from during lunch hour.
              Along with the dim sum we'd order piles of egg foo young and pork fried rice. It seems these tastes, from the sound of some posters who consider themselves 'chowhounds' think this 'stuff' is ancient, outdated, distasteful and downright nasty.
              For those of us who grew up loving the taste of it we're all on a a perpetual hunt to find it again.
              How sad to have to apologize for something that really tastes good to so many of us if it's made right. Sadly, in LA, there isn't anything remotely close to what I loved and remember.

              1. re: latindancer

                Apologize - why? Who cares if it's 'authentic' I love the stuff and I hope some good suggestions come through because of this thread.