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Oct 29, 2013 08:52 PM

Very specific Baltimore request--see inside

My aunt is in Mercy Medical Center, and I want to bring my cousins (visiting from out of town) some great food or take them out for a comforting, comfortable, casual, good meal near the hospital. One of our group is dairy- and gluten free. Probably looking at lunch (maybe on the late side). Any suggestions? Thanks....

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  1. Although an usual suggestion for dairy/gluten free, Iggie's Pizza is close, casual, and great. I'm 95% sure that they do gluten free pizzas. You can either eat in or take it to go.

    1. Call the chef at Soto Sopra--Ricardo is very accomodating and has one of Baltimore's best restaurants. I believe that he will provide a delightful menu--either late day or whenever your schedule permits. The restaurant is very near to Mercy Hospital--valet parking, etc.

      Hope your Aunt is recovering quickly. Foi Gras

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. I ended up bringing food in but will keep these in mind for future visits....