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Winston-Salem please help

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Conference coming up in downtown WS. Please help with food options lunch and dinner. Will have car. Had a good meal at Bib's BBQ the last time I was in town.

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  1. Hutch and Harris, Sixth and Vine, Sweet Potatoes, Downtown Thai, Finnigan's Wake, King Crab Shack.

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      I'll also add 4th Street Filling Station and Mary's Gourmet Diner (for lunch)

    2. Skippy's hot dogs should be a must - not your typical hot dog joint.

      1. Spring House and +1 for Sweet Potatoes. We go to Full Moon Oyster Bar in Clemmons on occasion. Also, if you are up for driving Brothers (Clemmons) and Milners are decent.

        1. Don't get any food from Foothills. But go have a pint of their Oktoberfest if you like beer.

          1. Carolinadawg with some solid recommendations. Just to give you a few more options, you might consider West End Cafe, Mozelle's, or Salem Tavern. If you feel adventurous, one of the best restaurants in town is Diamondback Grill--sit on the bar side for a truly "neighborhood bar" feel. It's a bit out of the way, but really not that hard to find and well worth seeking out. Google for menu and directions.

            1. new place downtown Mundo lots of small plates also
              Brothers in Clemmons

              1. I had a pretty good visit to W-S during a conference this past weekend.
                I had my annual visit to Bib's, which was excellent as usual.
                Finnigan's Wake was great. Good bar scene, good selections, and pretty good food.
                Beer at Foothills was excellent, i.e. Oktoberfest.
                There is a new Diamondback Grill location downtown in the Park Building. That was a really good lunch.
                Camino Bakery is a good spot. Yummy pastries and decent wine selection.
                I ventured slightly away from downtown and had a good time at First Street Draught House.

                There is a also a new bar called Small Batch on the corner of 5th and Cherry. Apparently just opened this past weekend with a constantly changing beer menu. Looks cool.

                Washington Perk, new grocery store/deli, opened recently on the corner of 4th and Cherry. Great new addition.

                Next time would love to check out Sixth and Vine and Skippy's (both closed Monday).

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                  Glad you enjoyed your visit. I heard about Small Batch but haven't been there yet--I'll definitely check it out soon!