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Best Peanut Butter Treats in Los Angeles? (PB& J, PB cookies, PB shakes, PB whatever)

Does anyone have recommendations for some to-die-for peanut butter dishes they've had at any restaurants in LA? The best PB&J you've had someplace? The best peanut butter cookies? The best PB shake? The best peanut butter whatever it may be? Just as long as peanut butter is the central focus of dish. Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. I love the peanut butter at the Curious Palate. It's a whole different animal from Skippy. They have a PB&J sandwich on the menu, but I haven't had that - I've just bought the peanut butter and eaten it straight-up.

    1. Oh My Pan (peanut butter toast)

      Nickel Diner (peanut butter potato chip cake)

      1. The best peanut butter in a jar: Magees in the Farmers Market. NOTHING LIKE IT!

        The Best peanut butter cookie: Peanut butter sandwich cookie at McCalls Meat and Fish!

        The best peanut butter pastry: Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Covered Donut at Stans in Westwood


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          while you're at the farmer's market try the peanut brittle and peanut butter fudge/rocky road fudge at little johns...known for their english toffee, the fudge and other stuff are awesome too....

        2. Agree with Dommy! Stan's donuts in Westwood "The Huell" Peanut butter and chocolate donut and also their Peanut Butter and Fresh Banana Donut.

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            damn you and your pictures!!!!! lol

          2. Not technically peanut butter but Red Medicine's Coconut Bavarois was the first thing that came to mind. The peanut croquant tastes like the best peanut butter cookies ever.


            1. "nutter butter" at Bouchon Bakery
              Huell at Stan's

              And if it available, Scoop's peanut butter banana ice cream

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                Oh, that reminds me - the nutter butter cookie at the Larder at Tavern is really good.

              2. The "peanut bubba" crunchy french toast at The Griddle Cafe is amazing. Most of the time this dish comes off as way too sweet for me, but they balance the flavors perfectly and the portion is huge.

                1. Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cookies at Cool Haus

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                    How do you like Cool Haus? My friend was completely disappointed...lackluster cookie and mediocre melting ice cream. Only ice cream sandwich I've had is at Diddy Riese

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                      My sole experience with Cool Haus was identical to your friend's.

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                        I liked it. some great ice cream flavors that you will find no where else. Like their Fried Chicken and Waffles with real crispy chicken skin mixed in. Sounds strange but really good.

                  2. The homemade Frozen Snickers Bar at Tavern is my favorite peanut butter delivery system

                    1. The "PB&J" (Peanut Butter and Kyoho Grape) soft serve twist at Sweet Rose Creamery on Pico in Santa Monica (not the Brentwood location) is fantastic.


                      You could of course just get the Peanut Butter soft serve on its own.

                      1. Peanut butter cup at Jamaica's Cakes is good and vegan-friendly.

                        Chocolate peanut butter bomb at 3 Square in Venice.

                        1. the butterscotch thing at pizza mozza gets the press, but we thought this one was better

                          Caramel copetta with marshmallow sauce & Spanish peanuts

                          1. Peanut butter meringue pie @ Pie n Burger. Tastes like what a Reese's cup sans chocolate

                            1. I love to pop down to Sycamore Kitchen once in awhile to see if a layer cake is among the day's offerings, and one day it was a chocolate-peanut butter cake that was really delicious. Kind of like devil's food with the peanut butter all in the ganache/frosting. They don't have a cake every day, though, and the flavor changes up frequently, so you'd need to call first.

                              1. The Snickers bar from Tavern, the milk chocolate PB cups from Trader Joes, and (people aren't going to like this one) the PB flavor from Pinkberry. It tastes like Bit 'O Honey.

                                1. Over summer I bought a slice of peanut butter ice box pie from Magnolia Bakery. Amazing if you like chocolate/pb combined, and an ideal treat on a warm day.

                                  1. Mashti Malone's (LaBrea and Sunset) makes the only chocolate/peanut butter ice cream worth eating! Big sweet slabs of peanut butter in the super rich chocolate ice cream!! Heaven!