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Oct 29, 2013 02:29 PM

Kosher restaurant that delivers near Reisterstown, Md.?

Thinking of having dinner delivered to a friend as she's recovering from surgery. Wondering if there are any kosher restaurants near her home that deliver?

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  1. O'Fischel from Baltimore will deliver anywhere for a price.

    I have had them deliver within Baltimore and it was either free or very reasonable, and even to Washington DC for a special event. That was $100 but it was a large delivery and a long drive.

    1. Reisterstown, MD would be out of the free delivery area of the kosher restaurants (if they have one), but my guess would be that many would be willing to deliver there for a price. Reisterstown is about a 12-mile drive from the kosher "center".

      I've never ordered food to be delivered, so I am not familiar with specific policies or fees.

      There was a recent thread about what is available in Baltimore in general, here: