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Oct 29, 2013 01:36 PM

Truly authentic Sichuan food in Manhattan/the Boros/N.J.

Our son and his college roommate from Chengdu will be home for a week around Thanksgiving. His roommate will have been living in Ohio for the past three months and I'm sure he would enjoy some authentic home style Sichuan food. Any suggestions you all can make will be appreciated.

Home style Sichuan food.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Chengdu Heaven in the Golden Mall or Little Pepper in College Point. Both are written about extensively here.

    1. la vie en szechuan in manhattan, 33rd & madison...used to live in China, this place is as authentic as the places in Flushing (Btw, Chengdu Heaven is only a food stall...and not very good anyway)

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        la vie en szechuan may be fine. I've never been. But the NYT review described it as "elegant" and it's relatively expensive. Not sure if it's "home style" or not.

        The OP just said "home style" and didn't specify how big a restaurant they were looking for. While Chengdu heaven is a food stall in the Golden Mall they do have 5-6 tables.

        if the OP does a search on this board they'll find dozens of positive reports for Little Pepper, Grand Sichuan House, and Chengdu Heaven.

        1. re: el jefe

          OP here. I said home style because I wanted my son's friend to feel at home and to be able to order food that he's very familiar with. Ideally I'd like him to be able to order whatever he wants that will "bring him home" if only for that meal. As I stated, he's from Chengdu and has been living in Ohio for the past 4 months now. Besides this meal, we will be taking him to a Nets game in B'klyn, a tour of Manhattan with assorted museums and tourist attractions. We'll be taking him for good bbq, good Jewish food and assorted other cuisines that help make up the melting pot that is NY. I have no problems going to Flushing if that's where we can fulfill this quest.

          While la vie en Sichuan sounds as if the food hits the spot, it may be too opulent. Thank you all for your advice.

          By the way, is there anyone answering my query that is from Chengdu? Thanks


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            I'm not from Chengdu, but from Brooklyn, so I have an opinion on everything. If you want to trek out to Flushing, that's great. I do that reasonably regularly and Little Pepper would be the best if you have a car. As down home as it gets. The stalls in the malls are good as well, with New World Mall being the more clean, approachable place. Spicy and Tasty is also a good choice.

            However, Manhattan now has several places that, if you are there and want to stay there, probably fit the bill very nicely. My favorite would be Lan Sheng (60 W.39th St, betw. 5th-6th Aves) and its been written up on the Manhattan board enough for you to get a feel for it. Legend (88 Seventh Ave, between W.15-16th Sts.)is also a good choice but, since its menu is all over the place, it may not be apparent that the chef's best stuff is the Szechuan food… again, plenty written on the Manhattan board. Neither is too upscale nor are they dives… they both attract middle class folk, including Asian 20-30somethings.

      2. Grand Sichuan House in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and/or Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove, NJ. Both far better than anything I've had in Manhattan.

        1. My friends from Chengdu run a stall in New World Mall in Flushing. I love the food

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            Since I've never been to the New World Mall (though I lived near flushing for almost 20 years),are there tables? Parking I guess in muni lots? Thanks

              1. re: squid kun

                There are a couple in the New World Mall: ok to none.

                I'd second El Jefe's recommendation for either ChengDu TianFu in The Golden Mall or Xiao La Jiao @18th & College Point. Lao ChengDu @Prince St is also fine--if you know what you want.

            1. Well, Little Pepper, College Point, is wonderful, but you do need a car to get there if you are not close... worth the effort to go.
              Spicy and Tasty in Flushing was quite wonderful when I last went (sometime in the summer), I always love that place.
              And Sweet Yummy House on Broadway in Elmhurst is definately worth a visit .... if you live near their delivery is amazingly fast and delicious.

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              1. re: chasamark

                You don't "need" a car. There are a couple of convenient buses from the 7 train that take you right out front.

                1. re: Peter Cuce

                  Oh btw, nowadays Little Pepper is using a delivery service called Flushing Food that delivers to a very large swath of nearby Queens: