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HELP!! Bay area wedding on a budget?! Is it possible......

tasha315 Oct 29, 2013 12:17 PM

Hi all!

My fiance and I are planning our wedding, and boy is it expensive. We are hoping to find a place to have our ceremony and reception for $7k max. We did check out Sunol Valley Golf Club! For food, alcohol, reception room and ceremony site it puts us just under $7k for 100 guests. Which is great, but we're hoping to have a couple places to pick from.

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance! :)

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    goldangl95 RE: tasha315 Oct 29, 2013 12:26 PM

    Did you check Le Colonial in SF? Restaurants will be cheapest. It also turns into a club at night so you don't have to pay for a DJ.

    There's a few Indian banquet type restaurants in Fremont, and there's Chinese ones throughout the Bay Area.

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    1. re: goldangl95
      tasha315 RE: goldangl95 Oct 29, 2013 12:28 PM

      Thank you! I will check those out. The restaurant will need to be able to do ceremony, since ours will be really short. I wouldn't want my guests to travel to 2 separate locations.

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      tasha315 RE: tasha315 Oct 29, 2013 12:29 PM

      Ps. We are looking to have ceremony and reception at the same location, since our ceremony will be very short.


      1. PegS RE: tasha315 Oct 29, 2013 02:55 PM

        We had ours at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club. You don't have to be alumni to rent the space. We ended up using the patio, but the Great Hall might be the only space large enough for you. This was over a decade ago, but at the time I remember it being well within our budget, even with pretty heavy finger food.

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        1. re: PegS
          tasha315 RE: PegS Oct 29, 2013 02:59 PM

          I'm checking it out now! Thank you :)

          1. re: PegS
            artemis RE: PegS Oct 31, 2013 06:00 PM

            I just went to a wedding there a couple months ago. Nice venue and the food was perfectly fine.

          2. Ruth Lafler RE: tasha315 Oct 29, 2013 03:15 PM

            There are facilities in Oakland where you can bring in your own caterer, or do it yourself (or have friends do it).

            Oakland Parks and Rec has some nice facilities. One I would look at are Joaquin Miller Community Center, where you can have the ceremony on the deck or nearby in the park, and which has a lovely view. My sister got married at Sequoia Lodge. http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Government...

            The Oakland Zoo Snow building also has a lovely view. http://www.oaklandzoo.org/Snow_Buildi...

            PS: Where you save money is a place that will let you bring your own alcohol!

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            1. re: Ruth Lafler
              mdougherty RE: Ruth Lafler Oct 31, 2013 11:20 PM

              We had our reception at the Lake Merritt Sailboat House (an Oakland Parks and Rec facility). There are no restrictions on catering or alcohol, which can help keep the costs down, depending on the choices you make.

            2. CarrieWas218 RE: tasha315 Oct 29, 2013 03:40 PM

              I was going to recommend La Costonara on the beach in Montara.

              If you can cut your guest list down to 75 people, they can accommodate you on the Grand Balcony with a F&B minimum of $6k and you can have your ceremony on the beach.

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              1. re: CarrieWas218
                tasha315 RE: CarrieWas218 Oct 29, 2013 03:44 PM

                I tried convincing my fiance to cut the guest list but he has such a big family, so we decide to just up it. blahhh

              2. g
                greymalkin RE: tasha315 Oct 30, 2013 01:49 AM

                Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

                Have you looked at the website "Here Comes the Guide"? I used it for my wedding and it was super helpful to find locations of specific size, food availability and fee range. It has all kinds of details on each venue so you can weed stuff out really fast. I have no connection to the company/website other than I had a really positive experience with them.

                A quick search of a few that *might* fall into your budget range (and they all provide food onsite) pulled up the Lake Chalet Restaurant in Oakland, Oakland Yacht Club, Las Positas Vineyard in Livermore...and many others

                Here's a sample of the info that they have on the Faculty Club at UCB that PegS suggested:

                If you don't mind organizing a caterer and really want to save money, I had several friends use the Brazil Room in Tilden park on an off day (Monday) and it was super cheap and lovely. Though that tip may work for almost any venue.

                Best of luck finding a place, there are lots of them out there, I'm sure you'll find something great in your price range.

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                1. re: greymalkin
                  bbulkow RE: greymalkin Nov 1, 2013 02:10 PM

                  Mornings on weekends also appear to be cheap. A friend used Stern Grove that way (sunday get out before 2pm).

                  1. re: greymalkin
                    Kalivs RE: greymalkin Nov 3, 2013 08:00 PM

                    Had a friend who used Tilden park & it was very affordable. Just put wedding on a budget into google and you will find lots of options.

                  2. michele_corum RE: tasha315 Nov 3, 2013 11:23 AM

                    We had our wedding at Wedgewood at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Burlingame. They do a fantastic job, the food is great, the bar generous, location incredibly scenic and the staff was so helpful, friendly and just took care of everything.

                    1. manraysky RE: tasha315 Nov 4, 2013 04:25 PM

                      Look into doing a restaurant buy-out. That's what we did and we saved a lot of money vs renting a space + hiring a caterer. We had the ceremony and the reception in the same location. The restaurant that we used is no longer open, but plenty of places allow buy-outs. They will give you a quote based on the average sales for that night and you have the meet that amount in food and beverage. Our place had a minimum of only $4k. We had 60 guests, served a 4 course meal and had an open bar and spent about $5k.

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