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Oct 29, 2013 12:16 PM

Where to Get a Fresh Turkey in St. Louis

Where can I get a fresh turkey in St. Louis? I'm not terribly fussy about whether it's a heritage breed or organic. I'm looking a natural, farm-raised fresh turkey.

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  1. I'd go cruise Soulard Market Friday or Saturday - there are more purveyors there then, and I believe you can order one from one of those folks. But if you prefer ease to economy, I'm sure Whole Foods will have them. Schnucks and probably Dierbergs, too, sell fresh turkeys that have not been frozen but I suspect they may not be "natural" enough - I'm not positive of what you mean, but I'm thinking they may be never-frozen but injected. Fourth option, probably as dear as WF but at least a very local business is Straub's, but I'd sure ask now if you're aiming for T'gvg.

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      and you might give Local Harvest a ring, they have access to a slew of vendors whose products they don't always regularly stock but may be able to order.

      I lived near a brilliant poultry market once in DC and you had to get your order for fresh turkey in about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving (and still expect a 1/2 hour wait in line with all the others on the Wednesday of) so it's good you're starting now.

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        Good catch, hill food. Forgot all about them.

    2. Call Freddies on Big Bend they are taking orders now...Pete

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        Big Bend can mean so many things. cross street, zipcode, town please?

        sorry that's a pet peeve I have with STL "oh it's in the 4534523523523 block of X" uh just tell me what general area and if it's before or after the nearest big street.

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          Google is your friend. It's in Webster Groves, at South Rock Hill Road. Whether it's before or after depends on what direction you're driving. Southeast corner, I believe.


        I believe this is everything you are looking for...

        1. Schnucks has hormone free fresh turkeys in there mail add this week...Pete
          Sri did not realize this was a old thread.