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Oct 29, 2013 12:15 PM

Thanksgiving- Westchester Hotels and Restaurants

Has anyone been out to eat on Thanksgiving either at the Hotels in Tarrytown or White Plains or any restaurants in lower Westchester? Recommendations would be appreciated. Normally we go to my moms but my husband is working, ds hates turkey so we though lets go out.

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  1. The Marriott in Tarrytown and Rye Town Hilton have each recently opened farm to table restaurants. Not sure how they are but you can probably find some reviews online but they weren't around last Thanksgiving and I'm not sure if they are open that day but you can obviously call. I have not read good things about Bistro Z at the Doubletree in Tarrytown.

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      I have not been there myself but I have a friend who gets together with a large family group at the Marriott in Tarrytown every year. They like it.

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        Does the Marriott do it in one of their ballrooms (as opposed to restaurants)? There are two restaurants there, Ruths Chris and the new place, Coopers Mill, which was not open last year.

        1. re: MisterBill2

          I'm not exactly sure where they hold it but it must be a ballroom. My friend did not go last year but said that for the past 20 years they had a buffet and last year they had a set menu (she was not there but her family members were).

    2. If you want to drive to Stamford, I just got email saying that Capital Grille will be open.