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Traveling to MT Pocono-Any Rt 80 suggestions?!?

Hi fellow chowhounds!!! I'm road tripping from NYC to Mt Poconos in a couple weeks and was wondering if there were any standouts food wise we need to stop off for. Lunch, snack, junk food etc!! Don't want to go too far from Rt 80, thinking a few miles off max. Thanks for your help and happy eating!!!

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  1. I would say that you should go to The Inn at Millrace Pond or Hot Dog Johnny's in Buttzville.

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      There is always a crowd at Hot Dog Johnny's. We did stop once, but weren't impressed. I do want to stop again just to see what I'm missing.

      What should I try on the second go around?

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        The only truly great item on Hot Dog Johnny's menu is the homemade birch beer, served in a frosted mug. The other reason to stop is the pleasant view of the river, which you can enjoy while swinging on the swings.

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          I'm kind of spoiled as my best friend's family owns Walters Hot Dogs in Mamaroneck. Bit of a dog snob! But the buttermilk drink is intriguing me! And swings!

    2. Main Street in Patterson has a huge Middle Eastern area with amazing lunch places and a few dessert shops. A few great dim sum places in Parsippany. Dover has real Mexican food that is impossible to find in NYC. There isn't much beyond Dover, though.

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        Missenplaceny, I don't recommend that you exit Route 80 into Paterson. Not only is downtown Paterson unsafe, it is difficult to find ones way back to Route 80 from there. I go out to The Brownstone once a year for continuing professional education and I always have a hard time finding my way back to Route 80.

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          That's just silly....it's perfectly fine during the day...although parking can be problematic.

          BTW....take the Union Blvd exit for the Brownstone and you won't have any worries

      2. The Black Forest Inn in Stanhope serves reasonably good German and Continental fare. It's less than 5 minutes from Rt. 80.

        1. Right off of rt 80 is Denville Dairy. AWESOME ice cream

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            and don't miss Cliff's Homemade Ice Cream in Ledgewood - just off 80, exit 28 / route 46 west. Open year round.

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              Cliff's....tried the Skyscraper a dozen times and could never finish it. Sadly, it is no more, as the company that made the cone discontinued it.

          2. Thanks for all the AMAZING suggestions!! I'm a fool for homemade ice cream, having grown up on CircleFreeze in Belmar down the shore! Please keep the ideas coming, ESP more take out/mom&pop/stuff we can grab and eat in the car places!

            1. another great stop along the way is the Pocono Cheesecake Factory - a bake shop just off 80 (exit 298) on route 611 in Swiftwater, PA.

              We were just up there and picked up a half a pumpkin cheesecake. So creamy delicious!!


              (Yep it's in PA and this is the NJ board but it's on the OP's route, just across the border and not to be missed!)

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                I seem to recall there is a popular Pie Shop at the Delaware Water Gap....anyone know of it and the name?

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                  Village Farmer, in Delaware water Gap. Very good pies(although they have recently cut back on their selection) Their chicken pot pies are also quite good. Small dining area.

                1. I'd suggest you provide a little more in details as to when this trip will take place. e.g., which day and at what time you will be coming over the GWB or other. It will make a big difference in what can be suggested and the wait times for any particular places.

                  The way I read your query, you're looking for quick eats, not really an sit down meal....I'm going to provide some places that are popular to the extent they have all bee around for many years, have been used in Hollywood shoots...or have cult status followings....bear in mind, they are mostly roadside stands or dives, with the exception of the Polish recommendations.All these places are 10-15 from the GWB and are concentrated from Exits 63-61 on Interstate Route 80.


                  The Royal Warsaw

                  Piast Provisions

                  Burgers, Hot Dogs, Shakes and Fries

                  The Hot Grill

                  Steve's Burgers

                  Libby's Lunch....Paterson.


                  Lodi Pizza


                  A real sleeper....




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                    1+ on the Steve's Burger's (Garfield) recommendation. Really good mom and pop place (actually dad & son I think) with outstanding burgers- one of the best in the state. Loved the onion rings as well.

                    You simply must stop at Cliffs in Ledgewood, there simply is no better home made ice cream! Don't just take my word, they were crowned as tops in the nation by USA today, the food network, and many others. The stand has been around for a long long time, originally named Graffs, then taken over by Cliff's in the 70's. I have been known to drive the half hour, past several other ice cream joints just to indulge in Cliff's goodness.

                    Also, the buttermilk from Hot Dog Johnny's is no big deal, it's the same thing you find in a carton at any grocery or dairy store. Just like you use for making fried chicken, corn bread, southern biscuits. It is def. an acquired taste for drinking straight.

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                      Both Cliff's and the Denville Dairy have excellent ice cream.....but I'll simply say this as a point of consideration.... You are coming from NYC, so inherently you will be used to higher prices for everything you purchase. I've owned an Ice Cream Store in the past, so I feel I'm a little more qualified than most to evaluate ice cream businesses. Again, both offer great ice cream...Cliff's offers much more in soft ice cream flavors or twists if not mistaken.....The prices at the Denville Dairy are considerably higher.

                      Once, after I treated a god friend and his wife, to a pretty elaborate meal at Chef Jon's in Whippany...he insisted we go to the Denville Dairy for dessert. I told him it was not necessary, but he insisted....the dessert for two cost 25% of the dinner tab....he was shocked.

                      1. re: fourunder

                        Actually Cliffs has more ice cream flavors period, both soft serve as well as hard. And you are absolutely correct in regards to the pricing issue. Denville Dairy's prices are through the roof. They have always been on the high side, and since they had to shut down due to flooding about a yr ago the prices have dramatically risen. Being the ice cream fan I am, and the fact that I frequently have business in Denville, I have been a patron of both numerous times, and hands down I find Cliffs is better. Not that DD is bad, it is good, but given the choice of free from either establishment, I'd def. take Cliff's over DD any day.

                        1. re: PuniceaRana

                          I'm actually offended by the prices at Denville Dairy...but good to know I am not alone in my perception of the prices.

                  2. my two cents: Stop at Sergio's deli in Denville - just a few doors from the Denville Dairy. old-school italian deli - great sandwiches. and then get back onto Rt 80 and go to Cliff's in Roxbury - it'll give you time to digest.

                    Cliff's used to make the most divine peach ice cream from fresh local peaches, but i don't know if they still do.

                    If you want a sit-down [but still sort of quick] meal, try the Denville seafood market - they have a cafe. or Heritage grill [i'm not a huge fan, though], Some people like Cafe Metro as well, and Hunan Taste is reliable [although i think it's become more 'american'[ over the years - the food is still nicely prepared and served and tastes good].

                    1. Cliff's for 12 soft serve ice cream flavors!! The one, the only, the best!

                      Davy's Hot dogs for mega fries

                      Hot Dog Johnny's on Rt 46 is about 8 miles off Rt 80 but you can head west on Rt 46 following the Delaware River and connect back to Rt 80 before the Water Gap