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Oct 29, 2013 11:38 AM

Thanksgiving dinner in Monterey

I'm starting a new thread b/c the most recent posts that I could find on this topic were from 2011. My family is going to be visiting Monterey for Thanksgiving weekend and we're looking for a restaurant to have a (fairly) traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We're open to buffet or prix fix and while a couple of us are more adventurous diners, other in the party are not. As long as the food is well prepared (and perhaps just a tad inventive), everyone in our group will be happy with traditional turkey dinner fare. It'll be a party of four, which makes places with somewhat smaller dining rooms an option too.

It looks like the dining hall at Asilomar has been a local favorite for this that still the case? Are there other options right in Monterey that we should consider instead?

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  1. You didn't mention how many would be attending. Also, does it have to be a place in Monterey or would Carmel or Pacific Grove be ok?

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    1. re: Gail

      Sorry about'll be a party of four, so no need for large group seating.

      We're certainly open to Carmel or Pacific Grove. I only asked about Monterey b/c we're staying right downtown, so if there were good options in the vicinity, it would be slightly more convenient.

      1. re: ziggles

        Fandango, PG

        Highlands Inn, Carmel

        Restaurant 1833, Monterey

        These are all rather high end places. If you're looking for casual, I have other ideas.

        1. re: Gail

          Thanks, Gail. Both Fandango and 1833 are on my radar for the trip. The 1833 T-giving menu is probably a little eclectic for a couple members of the party, but Fandango's looks quite good.

          I'd love to hear your recommendation on more casual places too.

          1. re: ziggles

            Tarpy's (by Monterey airport)

            Rio Grill, Carmel, Crossroads Shopping Ctr

            Café Rustic, Carmel Valley

            Mission Ranch (Clint's place, Carmel. Call for their T-Day plans as they are normally only open for dinner & Sun Brunch

          2. re: Gail

            I have had several amazing meals at Highlands, the service is spot on and the views are excellent.
            IMO fandango isn't nearly as good as it once was...

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              Nice suggestion but maybe not for Thanksgiving. The tab is $95.++ per person. They are so busy I feel you would be lucky to get a window table.
              It is really good normally for cocktails, lounge menu and dinner, but I wonder about T-Day.