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Oct 29, 2013 11:37 AM


Anyone know anything about this restaurant in Brooklyn? graemecracker

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  1. I believe that the owners also own Bar Toto, Bar Tano & Bavacco. Why?

    1. A friend in Brooklyn suggested that I might go there, instead of Peter lugers, if I could not get in.

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        Apples and oranges. It's miles away and not remotely like Luger's.

      2. I appreciate that is far away from Luger's and not a steakhouse. My friend said it was good and close to him. That's the reason for the enquiry. graemecracker

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          Ahh, I see. Nope, its absolutely not a steakhouse and not a particularly good destination Italian place either. One alternate suggestion is Henry's End in Bklyn Heights, which currently has its "game menu" on offer. Great wine list, good meat choices (although not a direct Luger comparison because they don't serve T-bones, etc). Everyone around this board knows its one of my favorite places so I'll leave it at giving you the web link:

          There are at least 100 good Brooklyn alternatives to a dinner at Peter Luger if you're not only looking for steak. I suggest you read a # of threads on the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn to see all the recommended places within minutes of Lugers. There are lots of better options in Provini's neck of the woods (Park Slope) as well, with Convivium & al di la immediately coming to mind.

          Where are you from and where in Bklyn do you want to eat?

        2. From Halifax. just visiting young relatives in Brooklyn whilst staying in Manhattan for a couple of nights.

          1. Well, since you asked...

            My wife and I live not far from Provini, and when it opened we thought we might have found a new go-to neighborhood spot. We thought that right up until our first and only visit.

            We stopped in early on a chilly Monday night, a couple of years ago. It was around 4:30, and the barmaid told us that the kitchen didn't start serving until 5:00, but that we were welcome to have a drink, warm up, check the menu, etc. while we waited. She showed us to one of the two large corner tables. Great, we thought, let's get some wine and relax. We ordered a bottle of red.

            Around 5:00 PM two waitresses appeared, and one of them came over to us and said, "Hi, I'm your waitress. I need to tell you that the kitchen is running late, and they won't be serving food for at least another half hour, maybe forty-five minutes. And I need you to move to a different table because this is a table for four."

            I stared at her in disbelief. I said, "We didn't pick this table, we were shown this table by the bartender. And there is nobody else in the place. We are in the middle of our bottle of wine. Why don't you let us stay at the table and we can move if you need it later."

            She told us that's not the way it works and we were gonna have to move. So we picked up our stuff and moved to the bar. We were steaming, not that either of the waitresses cared.

            The barmaid who had seated us originally asked us why we moved to the bar, and I told her what happened, that the first thing our waitress said is, dinner is going to be at least another half hour, and the second thing was, oh by the way, get out of that table. The barmaid looked shocked and said, I'm sure she didn't mean it that way, and I said, we took it that way.

            Then we heard the barmaid discussing all this with the waitress at the other end of the bar. Whatever the discussion, neither the barmaid nor the waitress approached us again, except to give me the check when I asked for it

            Never again at Provini. And if that waitress is working, go at your own risk.

            The funny thing is, we both enjoy Bar Toto, a few blocks away. Both Provini and Bar Toto have the same owners.

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              I see you saved your original post. Smart move.