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Mar 29, 2005 07:49 PM

Austin (on expense account)

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I will be entertaining some clients in a few weeks in Austin. Some options I have come across so far are Emilia's, Driskill Grill, & Jeffrey's. Can anyone vouch for or recommend other places to for dining?

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  1. For Mexican: Manuel's (downtown) or Fonda San Miguel.

    1. Aquarelle (sp?) 606 Rio Grande. Had a wonderful dinner there. One of the best places in town.

      1. I second Aquarelle but other fine places are Wink and Zoot.

        1. First, skip Jeffrey's. I live 4 blocks away and am not even tempted by the 1/2 price apps at happy hour any more. It's okay, you can do better. Wink is supposed to be good, Eddie V's for seafood. If you want a fairly 'hip' atmosphere and your clients aren't too conservative, try Uchi - great Japanese and 'new' Japanese. They fly fish in from Tokyo. It's a must do for out of town celebs...more LA/NY than Austin. Zoot is supposed to be very good as well.

          I'd skip Castle Hill (great wine list, but hit and miss) and a few others you may hear of like Caprice - I classify them as 'Austin Stoner Food'. Too much on the plate, too many flavors, overdone, lack refinement or any subtely. Get that all over the price-map here. Food scene is 1/2 way there, but still growing-up.

          1. Oh, and the Four Season's is always one of the best in town. better than some of the others if you are in a conservative industry.