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Oct 29, 2013 11:15 AM

Suggestions for an outstanding Sunday Brunch

I will be taking a group of friends for Sunday Brunch and need suggestions! Anywhere in Dallas or Plano would be fine.

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  1. I've always really enjoyed brunch at Smoke and Boulevardier. Recently, I tried CBD Provisions and had an outstanding brunch. The assorted pastries were phenomenal if that's something you value.

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    1. re: demigodh

      I also recommend Smoke for an outstanding brunch. Sissy's is on my short list as well as Jonathon's.

    2. Second on Smoke or Boulevardier. Whiskey Cake in Plano is supposed to be good.

      Jonathon's or Chicken scratch, both in Oak Cliff for chicken & waffles. Sissy's just started brunch as well.

      1. Third on Smoke. I will add Bolsa, their brunch rocks and their drinks can't be beat.

        I would take a pass on Whisky Cake. Their brunch is limited and not on the same par as the others.

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          I like both Smoke and Bolsa a lot. I also like to get a little BBQ to go from Smoke. They do not take reservations for brunch, so a little patience is required. I just go in advance of the time I actually want to eat ... and hey, they have a full bar. Suggest using valet there.

          At Bolsa, they generally have a hash or braised meat bowl of some type and that's my favorite thing to get at brunch. It has always been outstanding.

          I have only had dinner at Whiskey Cake, but based on that meal, I agree that it's not in the class of the other restaurants we're talking about.

        2. Never been a big fan of brunch -- the event or the meal. However, I once found myself near Smoke and hungry around that time on a Sunday once. I was underwhelmed. But it could be my general aversion to the occasion. Tried the brisket hash that everyone raves about. I didn't see the appeal. I'd rather have a good corned beef hash somewhere else. But I'll freely admit that my general bias should be considered when evaluating my views.

          I wish I could offer a place to eat, rather than chiming in with a mildly negative comment, but I just don't have one. Sorry. But based on my one brunch experience at Smoke, and my several dinners at Bolsa, I'd try Bolsa.

          1. I think the brunch at Whiskey Cake is fantastic. I would highly recommend it. La dunk has a great brunch too as does Belly and Trumpet.