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Oct 29, 2013 10:43 AM

Traditional breakfast

Are there any good restaurants in Tokyo that serves traditional Japanese breakfast (not in a hotel)?

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  1. Classic breakfast is himono(semi dried fish), rice, miso and pickles. The only place that is really specialized in himono opens only at 11:00, and is near the Kabuki-za. This place is not a breakfast place to rest, is more a worker favorite lunch place but they serve the classic like breakfast you're looking for..

    1. any particular reason for" not in a hotel"? because hotel restaurants have pretty much cornered the market, and it's hard for anyone else to compete.

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        because I think it's more catered to tourists... but I would be open to it if it's awesome!

      2. I think everyone eats breakfast at home, so the only place to find a proper Japanese breakfast is in a hotel. Not all people staying in hotels are tourists!

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          ok. are there any traditional Japanese breakfast at hotels that you would recommend?

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            Well, hotels are all the same, they serve usually banquet style breakfast, I have no experience of the one to one service on a morning at a hotel ! This is why I recommended above the Japanese Echigoya Yasokichi, their 'himono' are really great, .. just go at 11:00, it won't be crowded..

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              As others here have said, I don't think you'll notice a huge difference between the Japanese breakfast buffets at one high-end hotel compared to another, so just pick a nice hotel that's convenient for you to get to.

          2. I think Yakumosaryo's breakfast fits the bill: simple traditional breakfast in elegant environs. You will have to travel & pay above hotel prices for the privilege, however. The link with info about breakfast is only in Japanese.


            Here is the English link with general info about the restaurant. Note: breakfast, lunch and Japanese tea/cake service are open to the public, but dinner is introduction only.


            1. Not in Tokyo, but the breakfast at Hyotei in Kyoto is both traditional and most excellent.

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