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Oct 29, 2013 08:53 AM

new BBQ in robbinsville

saw a sign this morning for a new BBQ restaurant in the Foxmoor Shopping center. found the website which said it will open in November. no menus yet.

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    I'm a big fan of their bbq sauces and rubs. Really looking forward to the opening of their restaurant.

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    1. re: jsfein

      interesting - I was not aware there were any other locations - the web site only mentioned this one....

      where's the other one(s)?


    2. Here is a link to an article in the Trentonian. Tried the sauce at the Princeton Junction Farmers Market. Not bad but not my style.

      1. Anyone know if this place in Robbinsville is (or is likely, in the near future to) open?

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        1. re: mchametzky

          they have a large banner type sign at the road leading into the shopping center saying "now hiring".

          1. re: BeeZee

            went by there last week. the windows are covered with signs and people were working inside. there were postcards outside advertising Christmas catering. last time I went to the web site, it was not quite baked. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

            1. re: nick28

              update - went by there again today - status unchanged. Went around the back to see if there was a smoker outside - nada.

              1. re: nick28

                Website definitely still not ready for prime time.

                1. re: mchametzky

                  No. We are working on it. But we are very active on Facebook. Please join us there until the new site is up and running.

                  1. re: CasiBK

                    ah, the chowhound connection :-)

          2. Well, they still don't seem to be open, but they have updated the website.

            It now says "Website Under Construction" and "Opening November, 2013". No specific date, no menu. I'm not trying to be snarky, I just want some dynamite barbecue this close (less than 3 miles) from my home.

            I really want them to be both good and successful-and I don't think those characteristics need to be mutually exclusive.

            MC in Hamilton.

            1. I thought that I had read opening on the 24th (tomorrow, Sun) in one of the local freebie papers, the one that gets delivered (not The Times). They also have coupons in the valpak mailer or that Mercer County advertising glossy mag with all the coupons that comes once a month or so.

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              1. re: kamiosaki

                Hi, all. Final inspection has been completed for the FunniBonz SmokeHouse in Robbinsville. Our Grand Opening is scheduled for Dec 7th. Thanks for your interest. We are as excited as you are!!!