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Oct 29, 2013 08:27 AM

Zero Zero or Town Hall for early dinner - Guests from DC and LA [San Francisco]

LA and DC have good food. I need to take out two co-workers for an early 5:30-6PM dinner tonight and it would be nice if we don't spend $$$$ (on the company tab) because I know they like their cocktails and have to save some budget for that....

And we should be able to hear each other speak.

Last they are staying SOMA near 2nd and Howard area so I don't want to get to far from SOMA/Financial District.

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  1. I think Zero Zero's a more only-in-SF experience.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Second. I mean there's probably one or two places like Zero Zero in LA or DC, but it's definitely not all over the place like here - and we do it so well.

      I would only say Town Hall if they are the types to like "comforting." Town Hall's menu is structured like menus all across the US and has minimal ingredients that are unique or unrecognizable. It also has a broad menu. So if your co-workers are somewhat picky it may be the safer bet.

      Basically, at the end of the day, I'd rather have co-workers scoff and talk about how they have restaurants in their home towns that are better -than have them feel uncomfortable and pick at their food.

    2. Zero Zero is quite loud and you will probably have difficulty conversing comfortably. the pizza is quite good and the other foods we tried were above average.

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      1. re: moto

        I've been to Zero Zero when it was full and didn't have trouble conversing. Maybe it varies depending on where you sit. Is it busy early in the evening?

        1. re: Scott M

          Zero Zero is loud upstairs, and later - but is "only in SF" more than others. I dislike taking NYC/Boston people for italian.

          Town Hall is a more generic safe menu - decorations are colonial.

          Like the Zare idea. Very only in SF, great cocktails, I have done business dinners there.

          1. re: bbulkow

            Zare is my go-to for this kind of thing as well and the cocktails are delicious. I guess the wine list is not a consideration, but it's always an interesting one with some unique selections. The food is outstanding.

            Town Hall is fine, just a bit boring. Might be worth taking a look at Salt House as well.

            Whoops, just noticed the time--hope you are having a great dinner!