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Oct 29, 2013 08:27 AM

Mission Chinese - what are the best things to order?

I am going to Mission Chinese soon - what dishes do people recommend? I can handle plenty of spice and heat, but am not exclusively looking for just those dishes.


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  1. Ma po tofu
    Salt cod fried rice

    1. The signature dishes you'll probably want to try are:
      thrice cooked bacon
      kung pao pastrami
      mapo tofu
      salt cod fried rice
      chicken wings

      How many people do you have? The portions are generous and you might end up with too much food (though MCF makes for some great leftovers).

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        When I went to MCF with a friend last month those "signatures" are the exact five dishes we ordered. However we kind of didn't think about the fact that out of those five dishes, only the rice was non-spicy.... so we were like dripping tears and snot and downing soy milk by the glass the entire time.

        A thoroughly enjoyable experience nonetheless! (And yes, a LOT of leftovers, which were just as delicious cold from the fridge in the middle of the night.)

        1. re: kathryn

          Out of those, my favorite is the thrice-cooked bacon with the kung pao pastrami a close second. My friend and my SO are both really into the beef/broccoli right now.

          Skip pig's tails. Vinegar peanuts are great, as are the smashed cucumbers and the tiger vegetable salad.

        2. I really love the lamb ribs, I don't think it's on the menu right now though. They change up the menu items quite often so I would recommend you pick dishes based on what you like to eat.

          1. after having gone enough to try everything we wanted to, my wife and i now generally order chinese pickles, smashed cucumbers, chilled kale, chicken wings and mapo tofu. if I were going for the first time, i'd want to have the kung pal pastrami.

            1. Thanks everyone for the quick responses. I'm going with just 1 other person, so can't order everything I want on the menu. Hence I appreciate the suggestions.