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Oct 29, 2013 07:08 AM

Christmas in Memphis!!!

I'm taking my wife to Memphis for a surprise birthday present on Christmas Day.
Any great places to eat that'll be open that day?
We'll be staying through the weekend and I have some ideas of where to take her for great food--like Gus', the BBQ Shop, Central BBQ and the Rendezvous for old time's sake...but always open to suggestions.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Christmas day is always tough. You will probably have to call around. A few general thoughts -

    Most family-owned places, such as most of the barbecue places, are going to be closed. Most of the higher-end, locally-owned places are also probably going to be closed.

    Many chains now open in the afternoons/evenings.

    Pizza places seem to be open a lot. If you're downtown, Aldo's Pizza on Main is good and might be open.

    I think Huey's, a local standby burger/bar spot is usually open on Christmas. I know they are open on Christmas Eve, at least.

    Most hotel restaurants will be open. Not sure where you're staying, but 83 at the Madison downtown is nice and worth checking out. I haven't been to Bleu at the Westin, but that's a nice place and another possibility. They just landed a new chef. The restaurants at the Peabody will most likely be open.

    Many places that are as much or more bars than restaurants will be open - I think people need a break from their families by Christmas evening ! So there will probably be some places downtown and in Overton Square and Cooper Young (both areas of midtown) worth checking out.

    A google search found the following link. It's from 2009 but might still be useful, as a number of these places are still open. I bet your hotel can give you some guidance.