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Oct 29, 2013 04:29 AM

Who here Oils their Wooden Utensils....

The highly debated to oil or not...
Ive got tons of maple cooks spoons and 2 or 3 olivewood ones as well....
Never oiled, just fine...

I hate Silicone with a passion. Threw out the muffin pan, and the Silpats. Went searching for a ladle to use for the LeCreusets - and tried to talk myself into buying a silicone ladle, and walked out with the $60 Berard Ladle Instead.

Dare I ask. Anybody ever oil your wooden utensils.

I DO do my boards. Oil 1st and then a folllowup with creme. A little OCD but eh, it's easy peasy maintence on my end for my boards

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  1. I do, periodically. When I'm oiling my board and bowl I sometimes rub a bit of oil on the spoons. I'm sure they'd be fine if I didn't but they look purty all oiled up.

    1. I sure do. Boards, utensils, and my wooden salad bowl.

      1. I used to. Not anymore. I just kind of like "Whatever, man"

        In all fairness, I oiled my wooden utensils using a drying oil (tung oil). I did so that I don't have to periodically oil them.

        1. I do...whenever they need it...I made a few, and would like to keep'em around as long as possible

          1. I do, not sure if it helps all that much, as the environment most are used in is particularly harsh, but it certianly can't hurt. You oil a cutting board and it gets the damp wipe over and an occasional good scrubbing and the oil stays around for a good while. A spoon goes into boiling water, or other hostile environments where the oil has less of a chance to protect the wood, but I still think it's a good practice to oil wooded utensils.