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Budapest with Children (who will be dining with us!)

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We are going to Budapest at the end of November (2013) for 3 nights to check out the city, the christmas markets and hopefully enjoy some great food and wine! Altogether there are 7 adults, 1 x 3 year old and 1 x 1 year old. We will be eating early for dinner (likely 6:30pm) but we still do not want to compromise on food- we are all foodies (although I am a pregnant foodie so no duck liver for me!) We are staying in the Sofitel by the Chain Bridge so would like restaurants within walking distance (20 mins or so away) Bustling places are always a bonus so that our childrens noises dont stand out! My mum and aunt are not majorly into red meat so a suggestion for a fish or vegetarian restaurant one of the nights would also be welcome. Looking forward to your suggestions.....

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  1. Hi! Nit sure if you're still on chowhound but I asked the same question and am not getting many replies! Do you have any recommendations from your trip? I have a very well behaved 11 month old. We eat early and want kid friendly but don't want to break from our foodie ways!! Your help would be greatly appreciated !