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Oct 29, 2013 12:01 AM

sushi wish list

I am sad to hear that Sebo is closing. It got me thinking about what we are missing in the bay area sushi scene. I would love to see a sushi place with these qualities:

At least 75% bar seating
Fast chefs, can get in and out in 1.5 hours
Pieces served individually, with soy sauce already brushed on
Sushi only, no fillers
Costs no more than $100 for 15 pieces
Supremely fresh fish

What is on your wish list?

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  1. I don't think I've been to a place in the US with 75% bar seating - 50-50 though seems doable and somewhat standard in LA.

    Solid fish for $100 pp would be very awesome. There's just not that many places in the Bay Area that have even quality pieces of fish (let alone doing anything innovative with them) - I just don't think it comes to this area in large enough quantities.

    I would add to this list on fish selection - actually using the omakase format to showcase something different or unusual in terms of the fish type or fish preparation. So often "omakase" is just the standard varieties prepared the standard ways.

    1. a place that serves the more rare pieces / dishes that you can only find in japan:

      abalone with liver
      hairy crab with roe
      shirako (sperm sac)
      suppon (snapping turtle)
      sea cucumber ovary

      also, with some of the amazing produce to be found around here, i'm surprised some chefs don't seek out some of the best-of-the-best and use it as a palate cleanser, etc like they sometimes do in japan.

      1. I wish I could get a 'kai set' (all different kinds of clam and scallop, 'kai meaning shellfish I believe') super duper fresh like I get at the sushi bar near Tsukiji in Tokyo!