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Oct 28, 2013 07:03 PM

Midweek breakfast, Capital Hill area

Just doing some last minute planning for our trip end of this week.

Any recommendations for breakfast midweek? We are staying at the Rennaisance, and will be heading to the museums etc to do some tourist stuff. Any decent places to get a breakfast enroute to our daytrips? I've found some nice places for the Saturday brunch (might check out Estadio for Saturday brunch, sounds yummy!) but not sure about midweek breakfast. Maybe a good value suggestion (then we can spend more on dinner!).


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  1. Axian, which is nearly White House adjacent.

    1. Just FYI, not to be snarky, but capitals are the upper-case letters at the beginning of words or the tops of columns or the seat of government. Or wealth in the form of of money or property.

      The building itself and the hill upon which it sits are CapitOl.

      When I was a kid, I was taught to remember that the CapitOL has a dOme.

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        i too am a bit pedantic about this issue.

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          after living on Capitol Hill I AM downright snarky about it. and if I'm really in a snit then it's Jenkins Hill with that Frankenstein of a collage they did to Latrobe's and Jefferson's original ideas like a party hat on a passed out grandparent.

          but check out monkey's recs below. and for basic diner fare on the LOC/SCOTUS side there's also the Tune Inn and Jimmy T's.

          there are food court/food bar type places in the basements of the House and Senate office buildings so if it's raining and you just want to get inside for a few minutes it's a place you can duck (and if it is raining and you're willing to use the basements, you can get pretty much from the base of the Hill, on the House side anyway, all the way to the top and entirely indoors). but people only eat in there because they have to dash back to their desks.

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          Please forgive me, I am Canadian after all! :p

        3. Pete's Diner by the Library of Congrss is good and cheap. There's also Market Lunch inside Eastern Market for bluebuck pancakes and The Brick breakfast sandwich.

          1. Founding Farmers gets a bad wrap on here, but only for lunch or dinner. Breakfast is very good there, imho.

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              Haven't been to the FF down there, but the one in Rockville is seriously awful for breakfast. Six of us, each had a different dish, all agreed that only one - pancakes - were worth eating. They were actually really good. Eggs, bacon, waffles, french toast - all really lousy.

              But Washingtonian gave the FF downtown a best pick for breakfast and Bitches Who Brunch gave it a mixed review:

              1. re: Just Visiting

                I've only been to the one downtown. A foodie friend also goes for breakfast (regularly) but says everything else suffers.

            2. Up near the House side of the Capitol is Le Bon Cafe which is a cute little french cafe with good breakfast options. Right next door is Pete's Diner, which is a good greasy spoon option.

              If you want something a little more higher end both Art and Soul and Bistro Bis serve breakfast.