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Oct 28, 2013 06:13 PM

Where do you get your grass fed organic meat ?

The only store i know is saint-vincentbio the one in jean talon market but they are crazy to charge 66$ a kilo so i bought it from ferme dorée online order they bring it to montreal and now im looking to try ferme crepuscule or ferme valens. Where do you get it ??

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      1. re: JohnnyGe

        Oooo, never seen this place - thanks for that!

      2. St Vincent's prices are ridiculous. Was quoted 35$ for a small pork tenderloin smh. I currently go to boucherie Lawrence for all my meat needs.

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        1. re: j_do

          Fermes Saint Vincent is terrible: see my recent thread on that:

          Try out Porcmeilleur at JT Market! It is cheap, totally delicious, and directly from their farm. Their back bacon is to die for and much less fatty.

        2. Products from Fermes Valens is all Huntingdon-area farms. Their beef is organic and grass fed:

          All the farms in the network are raising their animals on a smaller scale and as naturally as possible. Some are hardier heritage breeds, which means they are better suited to our Quebec winters. Winter months they are fed hay etc..

          Valens delivers with a minimum order. Deliveries are frozen.

          I've also seen their products in some stores: mix of fresh and frozen. They have a list on their website.

          Also, for pasture-raised veal, try Boucherie des Tours.

          I've heard good things about Lawrence on St-Laurent, but yet to visit.

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          1. re: mindfultable

            Lawrence is great, I really enjoy the fact that pretty much everything is cut to order. For example, if you want stewing beef they grab a massive piece out of their walk in fridge and trim it up and slice it up right in front of you. No pre cut cubes soaking in their blood.

            1. re: JerkPork

              We just bought a whole veal and sharing it with a friend from fermes valens but for teh future is Lawrence meat grass fed organic? Thanks.

              1. re: Luca94

                Lawrence is currently carrying beef from Wagyu Quebec Farm, they are not organic with a capital "O" (no certification) but to me as long as they aren't hopped up with anti-biotics and growth hormones it's pretty much organic.

                "Les animaux de Wagyu Québec sont élevés sans l'ajout d'hormones de croissance ou d'antibiotiques et sont exclusivement nourris avec des produits régionaux tels que du foin, de la drèche (un mélange d'orge, de maïs et de blé) et de la pulpe de pommes."

                1. re: JerkPork

                  Of course its a better option but id rather go for something thats more grass fed seeing that corn and grain isnt the natural diet of a cow not to mention that corn is mostly all genetically modified. My choice would be les fermes valens and or my #1 choice ferme d'oree.

          2. Just a small update to this thread in case anyone is still looking - had some veal from Ferme Crepuscule (have long been a fan of their chickens) the other night and it was by far the best veal (and indeed beef full stop) I have had in Quebec. Tastes as 'beefy' (i.e not flabby corn fed filth) and grass-fed as you can get in this climate and his herd seems to be outside most of year. You can order it fresh on their website and have it delivered to various drop-off points around Montreal. Expensive, but totally worth it once in a while. I got a piece of topside to roast.