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Oct 28, 2013 06:04 PM

Good Restaurants near Manchester, VT???

Need recommendations for good places to eat (breakfast, lunch and dinners) in the Manchester, VT vicinity, please...! Any favorites?

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    1. Breakfast: Ponce for great coffee, tea, baked goods, an eclectic menu and cozy places to sit or Sherrie's Cafe, where the locals go to enjoy great pancakes, creative omelettes, and servers who make sure that you are enjoying your food.
      Lunch: for a Vermont vibe, go to the Dorset Inn (call to make sure they are serving lunch ) or take a drive up route 30 to Pawlet Station. Spiral Press cafe (in Northshire Bookstore) has great sandwiches, soups etc. Al Ducci's is a great Italian deli
      And Zoey's makes quality sandwiches on homemade bread with homemade potato chips...unfortunately there is zero atmosphere.
      Dinner: Barrows House, Dorset Inn Tavern Room, Thai Basil or Brasserie L'Ousteau.


        the ny times just mentioned Jonathan's Table in a piece on Norman Rockwell and Arlington.

        1. I find it very odd they did not mention the West Mountain Inn right down the road. A beautiful country inn with very good food.

          The Inn at West View Farm in Dorset is very good as well. The little dish menu in the tavern is pretty cool. The Little Rooster is great for breakfast as well.