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Who Owns Salvatore's Cucina Italiana?

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I stopped eating regularly at Salvatore's when Salvatore returned to Italy quite a few years ago. In the past two months, however, I've dined there three times. The menu shows Salvatore's ex-wife, Raffella Morelli, as the owner-chef, but there is some male host that patron-reviewers refer to as the "owner". He's worn blue jeans, tennis shoes and the same un-tucked-in plaid shirt each time I've been there, seems rather phoney and pays no attention whatever to management of the front. Last Saturday evening we waited over an hour for our main courses and our waiter spent nearly 15 minutes B.S. ing with one of the regulars while we waited for dessert menus. So, is that sloppily-dressed, inattentive dude really the owner? Just askin'.

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  1. Hi:

    No, he is the manager (gray haired and a beard, correct?)...Raffella remains the owner...I have always had an enjoyable meal there and found it to be one of the most consistent, best quality Italian restaurants downtown...I know the person you are asking about and he lives in my complex--if you do not mind, shall I pass this information along to him??

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      Yes ... gray hair and beard. And while you're at it, pass along what I and my 7 different table-mates (over 3 visits) all thought: at a place where the wait staff and patrons all dress appropriately and the decor is lavish, he stands out in a very negative and (for us) off-putting way. The food is very good, but is so expensive Salvatore's is on the value tipping-point. His appearance lowers the value of the experience.