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Oct 28, 2013 05:58 PM

Carpet Bag or Carpetbagger Steak in Los Angeles?

So I asked my Dad, who's visiting LA in a few weeks, what his top three favorite foods are so I can indulge him during his visit. One I'm already making, one is lobster and he lives on the east coast, so that wouldn't really make sense ($3/lb vs. $15+/lb!), and the last one was Carpetbagger Steak. He tells me it's a filet that's filled (like a carpet bag) with oysters or bleu cheese.

I've done some research online and cannot find ONE place in LA that serves this unique dish. Some call it Carpet Bag steak; others, Carpetbagger. It's apparently a favorite of Australians, but of the few Aussie restaurants I found, their menus had nothing like this. Just wondering if anyone has heard of this and/or knows where I might be able to find it in LA??

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  1. Just checked the Outback Steakhouse online menu, and don't see it there. Not that I'd send you...

    1. I think it's actually a Louisiana specialty - I knew a Cajun twenty years ago who made it. His was stuffed with oysters and a sauce, I think remoulade. Only had it once, but it was delicious. I have never seen it on a menu in LA.

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        That's my take, also. The only time I've seen this was at a restaurant in New Orleans.

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          sounds almost like a Stuffed Steak.

        2. All high end steakhouses usually have Oysters on the menu....and Blue Cheese available for dressings or encrusting the Filet Mignon.

          Just call your favorite steakhouse and ask them if they will make it for your as a surprise for your father.

          1. According to James Beard, writing in his "Four Seasons Cookbook," the original was a steak - can't remember if it was a filet but that would make sense - served with sautéed oysters on top. The management of Four Seasons liked the dish, but thought the topping of oysters was unattractive (now, I call that silly!) and asked if perhaps they could be stuffed inside, which the chef found a way to do.

            That does not of course help you find a place that might serve it, but I would think your best bet would be either an old-fashioned steak place such as Pacific Dining Car, Dal Rae or Taylor's, or simply an old-fashioned restaurant, period, such as Musso & Frank. Even the Buggy Whip might have it.

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              buggy whip is out of biz, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, or maybe that's good news.

              Dal Rae might have it thought I don't quite know if they have oysters on the menu to begin with.