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Double Date with Vegans?

Accidentally put this on the PA Board:

So my husband I will be double dating with my sister and her husband who are both vegetarians. Looking for yummy food anywhere in Bucks, Montco or Philly would be fine. It does not have to be all vegan/vegetarian but we don't mind if it is. I love Blue Sage but my sister was not impressed from a Vegan point of view recently. Thanks!

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  1. So are they vegan or vegetarian?

    1. Can't go wrong with Arnold's Way. Very casual and they close early. Arnold's is raw vegan.

      1. Go to Vedge! If you're with vegans/vegetarians it's a no-brainer.

        1. Vedge is good, but it's so much money for so little food. I'm not sure what your sister had at Blue Sage, but I would really encourage her to try again. Their food is so good. I've had a lot of their vegan dishes and have loved them all. She would really be missing out!

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            mjamison, I know I ADORE Blue Sage!

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              Vedge is a no brainer for the vegan/vegetarians if the budget allows. One can always make a choice at either Blue Sage or Vedge which is not to their liking. We have had that experience most often at Vedge at a relatively high cost. It is always difficult to overcome a recent negative experience. However Blue Sage has been consistently good at a reasonable price. Sprig and Vine has been satisfactory for us on two visits. I am a carnivore so I do enjoy having the options for same which seems to be a hit or miss at most restaurants.

            2. Sprig and Vine in New Hope is our favorite mid-priced Veg restaurant. We're not vegetarians. We just go because the food is delicious. It's BYOB and pretty popular. If you're going on Friday or Saturday night, make a reservation well in advance.


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                +1 for Sprig and Vine. Great restaurant. And the other place in New Hope that is veg/vegan is Hearth. If you cannot get in Sprig and Vine its a good alternative.


                On the casual side in Philly Hip City Vedge is worth considering. Not sure its date worthy but the food is good.


              2. If what you want to do is eat meat while your sister/BIL eat vegan, Khyber Pass is a good option. Good food, lots of options either side. We 2x dated w/ some vegans, I was able to eat bacon fat popcorn and bbq - yet they chose the spot for its vegetarian options!

                1. Another vote for Vedge. I've eaten there with many confirmed meat eaters and vegetable skeptics who have absolutely loved it.

                  1. For something casual/bar food, Memphis Taproom always has several vegan and vegetarian options available. Plus an impressive selection of taps.

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                      Yeah the smoked coconut sandwich is pretty amazing. Tastes better than a lot of bacon.

                    2. I always take my vegetarian friends to Zahav. You can give them a call about vegan options.