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marukai bundy vs nijiya/mitsuwa sushi (&cooked food)?

Has anyone tried? How is the quality vs nijiya, mitsuwa. In the past cooked food didn't look good.

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  1. I've had sushi & cooked food from all three locations. They are varying degrees of mediocre to wretched. I'd rather pay a couple more bucks and get something from the mitsuwa food court or several bucks more and get something better from one of the many restaurants on sawtelle.

    1. For WLA, definitely Nijiya >> Mitsuwa/Marukai (tied)

      1. Sushi:

        1) Nijaya Sawtelle
        2) Marukai Bundy
        3) Mitsuwa CC

        Cooked Food:

        1) Granda Market Sawtelle (I love their Spam Fried Rice and Cooked Japanese Eggplant)
        2) Nijaya Sawtelle (I like their cooked veggies and buns)

        In the grand scheme of things, I would much perfer to actually to get Food from the Mitsuwa food court (either a curry bowl or Santouka). Or have lunch at a place off sawtelle (right now, I'm going a lot to Hayatemaru for their varied menu.)

        Honestly though, I'm getting a lot of my cheapish Japanese fix in Koreatown. Cheapish Japanese places like Yamayada are starting to skimp on things like rice... ugh.


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          Where in Koreatown do they make sushi? If so lo quality I don't know why Marukai makes them.

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            There are several Koreantown places that make Sushi. Personally, I haven't gone to any of them, when I spoke of cheapish japanese food under the heading of cooked food, I mean more like cooked homestyle stuff like Curries... I don't mind paying $$$ for Sushi.


        2. Haven't tried cooked food, but the fish at Nijiya and Mitsuwa is better.

          But I stopped going a year ago or so. Doubt it's changed.

          Vegetables looked find at Marukai.

          1. Some of these places get their stuff from the main store and are not made on site.

            1. The sushi is alright at all of them but its nothing spectacular. If you're looking for something to eat later than they're serviceable, but if you're gonna eat right away it'd be better to just go to one of the conveyor belt sushi places.

              As for prepped food, friends that worked at Mitsuwa advised me to stay away, and Marukai's is terrible. They're nowhere near as good as convenience store food from Japan.

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                not sure it's actually healthy, but david chang (momofuku) swears by lawson's (think 7/11-ish) food in japan in terms of taste. (david chang also swears by kewpie mayo which is loaded with MSG).

                1. re: barryc

                  that's because kewpie is delicious, and david chang is a man who likes delicious things

                  (I see you've watched "in the mind of a chef" too!)

                  1. re: ns1

                    DC was also in an episode of bourdain's no reservations cooking it raw in japan where DC raves about lawsons.

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                      around the 38 minute point. david chang talks about MSG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAGIpT...

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                      MSG wants to be your friend - embrace it. :)

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                        um, have ever had food at Lawsons or 7-11 in japan? it's like heaven compared to what you get here in the states.

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                          Yup - easy to put a meal together at either - more so at Lawsons. Kinda mind-bending from our perspective.

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                            um, i don't see the point of your comment.

                      2. If we're talking just relative to each other, and not to restaurants (or Mitsuwa's food court), then Nijiya is definitely better than the other two for sushi.

                        1. I'd rather do something else completely but Nijiya by a mile.