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Oct 28, 2013 02:43 PM

Dining in Brooklyn

Going to Brooklyn late November. Travelling with someone who does not like heat (poor thing). Likes steak. Wonder if Peter Lugers is "worth it" in the broadest sense. Graemecracker

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  1. What do you mean by heat? If your companion likes steak, Peter Luger will not disappoint.

    1. By "heat" you mean "spicy food"?

      If you want to go to Peter Luger in late November, you need to book ASAP. They book up 6-8 weeks in advance, particularly if you want a weekend night and a prime time table. You may only get a very early or very late table by now. While my steak was quite good, I didn't love the bright and noisy atmosphere there, personally. It also depends what cut of steak you prefer.

      You can find many reviews on CH if you do a search, etc.:

      Note also that they take only the Peter Luger credit card, debit cards, a personal check with ID, or cash. No credit cards.

      1. Yes, I meant "spicy food" when I said my companion does not like heat. Thanks for the tip re booking early. May already be too late.

        1. kathryn was right. Itried for a res at Peter lugers today for 5 and got 4:45 or 8:45. Not times I could make.

          1. If you can't get a reservation at Luger, you might consider St. Anselm

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              thanks. I will check it out. graemecracker

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                St. Anselm waits are insane. One option, go early and put your name down and then head over to PIPS for some ping pong up the street (Roebling) or just go to the bar attached next door.

                Peter Luger's is totally worth it for visitors. I live in Brooklyn and still go for a meaty treat. Porterhouse only.