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Oct 28, 2013 01:59 PM

Pizza- in Paramus

I've already been to A Mano (heaven!!!) and want to try something else near Paramus. Not picky on style just want the flavor. I only have credit card so PizzaTown and Brooklyn's are out.

Any other ideas? TIA!

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  1. Kinchley's, in Ramsey, a few minutes North on 17...

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    1. re: lemarais

      I think it's Cash only in Kinchley's

      1. re: lemarais

        Yes, Kinchley's is cash only. I would suggest Nellie's Place in Waldwick.

      2. Yes, Kinchley's...legendary for their thin crust only and expect to wait for a table. LOL.

        Nellie's is a go to place for many as well, very popular, known for their pizza.

        A Mano you know about...what more do you need to say. LOL. Excellent pizza.

        If you like Sicilian...just north on Franklin Tpk...from where Kinchley's a place called Tirreno''s a pizza place. Period. Excellent Sicilian pies...they have a liquor license so enjoy a beer at their small bar while you are waiting for your pie. I've never ordered anything else there. LOL.

        Right in Paramus, try La Bella was recently re-done, renovated, etc. Place looks really good compared to what it used to be. I've had their pizza numerous time -- excellent! Not your typical pizza place pie -- a lot of flavor in their sauce, cooked well, excellent crust, very good balance, etc. I've never had anything else their either. LOL.

        I don't think there are many pizza places around that offer anything more than typical pizza. I look for something that has flavor, taste, light/airy but good crust, etc. Too many faces in the crowd. LOL.

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          I am also a big fan of La Bella Roma in Paramus. Very good pizza for an area of mediocre options. Was in there last week for the 1st time since the renovation (wife usually picks up food on way home from office) and was very pleasantly surprised. It now looks like a nice restaurant rather than a pizza parlor. Regardless, the pizza is best in the area IMHO. My favorite, their buffalo chicken pizza, is to die for. Unfortunately, they still don't deliver. I haven't been to Kinchley's yet, but want to try them. Went to Nellie's in Waldwick a few years back and don't remember the pizza to be bad, just nothing to rush back for. For thin crust style pizza, I like Lido in Hackensack, and have enjoyed many a slice at Pizza town in Elmwood Park on 46.

          1. re: yogi70

            I agree...but...they now deliver -- although they are not advertising it yet -- and I am not sure if it's full-blown, full-time, etc. I think they are trying to wade into the pool with delivery, rather than jump in the deep end, LOL. I was always shocked that they didn't deliver, and thought that was a no brainer.

            And, I completely agree with you -- I think they have the best pizza in the area. They are very popular locally, and have a big local following from what I hear/see, so people were just coming in to get their pizza. However, you start delivering -- your business is going to spike. There are times when you just don't feel like leaving the house and you want that pie delivered. LOL.

            I agree, Lido is very good.

            1. re: ELA

              did not know that! thanks ELA. Just hoping the spike in business due to them now offering delivery doesn't affect the product.

        2. You can always go to Anthony's Coal-Fired Pizza on Route 17North in Ramsey. It's very good, too.

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            Head some good things about the place. Went there for lunch, but didn't have the pizza (had a sandwich). They seem to be doing well. The place seems to be crowded most of the time. Wasn't sure about the location, but being on 17 is never that bad

          2. thanks for the replies.. I didn't see them until post-facto but I didn't give much lead time.

            I had Anthony's Coal-Fired one night and enjoyed it quite a bit. Not deeply memorable but quite good. Had one done w/ Sausage and Broc Rabe. Ricotta was nice touch.. could have used something maybe bright or acidic to compliment. Went well with Montepulciana wine!

            Other night I tried Pizza Mania in Garfield. Almost too many choices on the menu. I had a Pepperoni with "Hot Peppers" since jalapenos aren't a choice. The peppers were oil based I came to find out so when you put them with pepperoni *and* what I suspect to be some whole milk cheese it was a greasy mess that ruined the crust. Not real enjoyable after it sat for about 15 minutes. First few bites were good though!