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Oct 28, 2013 01:16 PM

Loblaw/Ziggy Loaded Baked Potato Soup - wonderful!

Recovering from oral surgery I am on a liquid diet for a week, maybe more. Tired of smoothies and Campbell's soup, I went to Loblaw's Christie/Dupont today to buy some soda and yogurt (and, hush now, Caramilk discs which I can melt on the roof of my mouth) when I happened to see the soup cauldrons - and on the strength of a quick smell, purchased a large tub of the hot above-named soup. Got home and wow - flavour and deliciousness: definite flavours of cheese, bacon and taters complete with skin. Maybe my judgment influenced by missing daily food, and yes the slightly gelatinous/oleagenous (sp?) texture might bother some folk, but it was just what the doctor ordered: made me feel great. Does anyone know how often it appears? are the soups there on a weekly rotation or more irregular basis? any other flavours to recommend?

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  1. I really like their *** Thai soup, where "***" used to be "wicked", but lately has been "spicy" or something even more innocuous. They seem to have it every second or third time I check, which is several weeks apart.

    The chili is nothing special. I'll have to try the potato soup. Thanks for the tip.

    1. all Loblaw soups are supplied by campbells

      here's the link

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        Are you sure they're all from Campbells? That web site doesn't list the Thai chicken soup that I forgot to mention was chicken in my previous post.

        1. re: Ted Richards

 can ask the staff at the dupont loblaws to show you the soup base bags.

          here's the thai soup