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Oct 28, 2013 12:04 PM

Le Pere Jules Poire

This is an unpasteurized harvest-to-bottle pear cider out of Lisieux, France which I recently tasted as a part of pairing in SF. Its ripe pear and only slightly sweet bubbly taste goes well not only with desserts but on its own. 4% alcohol. Unfortunately I am unable to locate a seller within the states. Any insight?

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  1. I purchased a Pere Jules 40 year old Calvados in Paris many years back and tried to find a US importer, to no avail. If anyone knows of one, it would be good to learn about it. That Calvados was superb and I'm sure the cider was excellent.

      1. Many thanks RL for the link. Here's a google translation of the description found on their website (I love a website like theirs...) This will be a nice aperitif around holidays.


        "Pears are much more fragile than apples. They are, therefore handpicked and must be crushed as soon as possible. Maceration is not necessary. There are currently no defecation like cider. The fermentation is the same as in the cider.Filtration and taken as natural foam.The taste is distinguished by its finesse and subtlety. He is drunk, always fresh, as an aperitif or with only a little creme de cassis. It goes well with all fish and shellfish, white meat or salad."