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Oct 28, 2013 11:43 AM

Brambles and Brine (Rehoboth)

Any reviews? I'm going to Rehoboth this weekend to shop and eat. I can't find a menu online or anything other than 1 review in Rehoboth Foodie.

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  1. I went to Bramble and Brine last Saturday night. They don't have a website up and they don't really update their Facebook page but they do answer the phone. I called while I was having lunch at Henlopen Oyster House and they were booked, but they told me there's a small bar where I can eat at. So after strolling around Rehoboth for a couple of hours, I sauntered to B&B. They allowed me in at 5:15 but said dinner service doesn't start until 5:30. I was fine with drinks first since I had 16 raw oysers, 6 oysters rockefeller, steam clams, and some fried clams strips for lunch.

    The specialty is duck, so I had to try to the duck ragu. But that was preceded by the butcher plate of foie gras sponge, chicken liver mousse and fresh fried pork rinds, and a smoke calamari salad. I finished the meal with another appertizer of ribeye crown. The least interesting but great tasting dish is the ribeye crown - cooked to medium rare, served on top of some sweet corn and chimichurri sauce. The butcher plate was tasty but you basically get 1 bite of each item. I also liked the smoke calamari salad because of the rather interesting flavor. The duck ragu was good but not anything spectacular. I really like this place, as well as Lupo di Mari just down the street.