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Oct 28, 2013 11:37 AM

Saturday Lunch near Opera House

Greetings from NC. We are attending the ballet Saturday at 1 PM. I would like a good spot for lunch relatively close to the Opera House. I imagine lunch will take 1+ hours (hopefully) so somewhere we could walk to the Opera House within 15 or so minutes. I think most lunch places open at 11h30, anything that opens earlier would be great as we like to drink wine and relax while we dine.. I have looked at Marliave, been to too many Jean Georges places already, Moo seems to do more of a brunch than lunch. I use Open Table but do not want to limit myself to only Open Table spots. We are doing brunches (two, I hope) at Beehive and Gaslight Sunday so prefer to do more of a lunch rather than brunch. We are open in the areas of cuisine type and price. We are staying at the Doubletree near Chinatown so will walk in the direction of the Opera House (weather permitting). If there is an incredible Saturday lunch spot further away that allows time to be back for the ballet, I am all ears...we can get a cab/car. Any input is appreciated. Thanks much.

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  1. bistro du midi will be serving lunch/brunch.

    penang for malaysian if you will go that way.

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      +1 for bistro du midi and penang - Kingston Station is a decent plain vanilla option

    2. Sportello is open but a little further afield. Maybe one of the other hotel restaurants (but might have to check on Sat. lunch vs. brunch), Rowes Wharf Sea Grille or Beacon Hill Bistro. Dim sum at Winsor is another nearby option.

      1. How about Chinatown itself? Search this board for recommendations, as it's full of them. Dumpling Cafe (they make my, and many Hounds' favorite Xiao Long Bao -- rich porky soup filled tender dumplings -- on the planet), Taiwan Cafe, Winsor for Dim Sum, or East Ocean city for live-tank seafood. Boston Magazine did a great spread on Boston's Chinatown options a handful of months back, too. The chefs at the places you mention all eat at the places I mention here when they're off work.

        1. I agree with Chinatown, and it seems like I'm on a bandwagon lately ( I'm not) but Q Hot Pot is a great place to have a nice and possibly unusual lunch

          1. welcome in advance,wf. If the ballet puts you more in the mood for a comfortable classy experience, Bistro du Midi has alot of fans. And it looks out on our beautiful Boston Public Garden. That would be my choice. Another option, a small, casual, crowded pub, is JMCurley which many believe to have one of Boston's best burgers, but i'm guessing you have a lot of great burgers in NC.

            Malaysian food is very rare in these parts , so it is particularly regrettable to advise you to stay away from Penang. I just have never recovered from how bad it was when we revisited it last year.

            If you do opt for Chinatown, a 'dim sum' and 'chinatown' Search will bring up many threads, including a current thread for Winsor Dim Sum Cafe.

            I'm so glad you'll be in the South End on Sunday; it's one of Boston's greatest assets. In case you didn't see mention of it, you might consider sub'ing The Gallows for Gaslight, but take a look at the menus and see what you think.Gallows does some very enticing Poutines (Canadian lumberjack dish of french fries, mild cheese curds and gravy - it really caught on in New Eng. bistros a few yrs ago; riffs abound) Have a great visit!

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              +1 on subbing Gallows instead of Gaslight. IMO Gaslight has totally jumped the shark

              1. re: C. Hamster

                am not sure how the op settled on either gaslight or beehive, because i found both consistently disappointing and have thrown in the towel.

                was not wowed by the gallows either, and had atrocious service.

                would rather a brunch at hammersley's.

                1. re: hotoynoodle


                  No real reason how I decided on Gaslight/Beehive but I put more stock in CH than I do in what I read other places. I have revised a bit anyway and think we will head to TW Food and Craigie on Sunday morning, then back Sunday evening to South End after meeting some friends for drinks. Also, on tap I have:

                  Myers & Chang

                  I am open to any suggestions about anywhere...

                  Appreciate all the feedback