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Oct 28, 2013 11:37 AM

La Pastaria in Red Bank

Has anyone been to La Pastaria in Red Bank lately. We've driven by when we go into town for dinner, but I' don't know anything about it. Thank you!

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  1. yes I have been several times. I can't remember much of the dinners so they didn't stand out too much. Its BYOB, not that expensive (in terms of RB) and I do remember the bread was pretty darn tasty. In fact, I think that was the highlight of each meal LOL

    Sorry for the lackluster review but I don't recall what I even had there.

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      I've heard second hand from a family member that it was good. If I recall correctly about $18 for chicken parm (although they called it something fancier). They also said the lighting in the restaurant was dark.

    2. http://www.lapastaria.com/redbank/men...

      Last time we were there was for Father's Day weekend. Just my husband and I knowing the gang was visiting the following day and bringing a late lunch to celebrate Pop.

      So, atmosphere-If you enjoy a genuine Italian place, you'll enjoy La Pastaria. Our visit included watching several generations of young and old men enjoy a meal family style together while watching rugby on the cable tv that sits so oddly in the midst of the main dining room. The mood was loud, busy and joyful-and we loved it..even though we didn't know a soul in the place and clearly regulars, large family groups did.

      My dh & I ordered a large Caesar salad, eggplant pizza, family size ravioli plate, the meat gravy special, brought our own vino and shared a 3 tiered dessert tray. I think maybe in the neighborhood of $75.00 w/tip. We loved everything and keep meaning to go back.

      1. I haven't been in awhile, it's not gourmet, it's not a red sauce place either it's a happy medium.

        It's been around longer than most in Red Bank, that alone is a positive review. Give it a try!

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          What do you mean it's not a red sauce place? Pls explain.

          Everything we ate had red sauce on it; and the red gravy special was about as red sauce/Italian old school as it gets.

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            I call a red sauce Italian place more an upscale pizzeria than a restaurant. Where the majority of the menu is just different dishes all made with the same red sauce they use for their pizza.

            This is NOT one of those place, but it's also not setting any culinary achievements either.

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              Ah. I see. No culinary achievements, I honesty don't know. Just a family making really tasty Italian food.

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                Yeah I think we agree on this one.

        2. Thanks for all the input - we'll give it a try!

          1. I had the best risotto there, with fresh peas and tiny pieces of sausage and mushrooms. All the meals I've had there have been good.