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Oct 28, 2013 11:05 AM

Dining Alone

I will be staying in the city center for a night or two on business. Can anyone suggest a place where I can get a good dinner while sitting at the bar. Any food, any price, as long as it is good. Thanks.

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  1. Where in the city centre? do you want it walking distance, or will you take a taxi?

    1. Les 400 coups (Old Montreal)
      Le Comptoir Charcuterie (Plateau)
      Lawrence (Mile-end)
      Lemeac (Outremont)
      Park (Westmount)
      Le Filet (Plateau)

      1. All of Max's picks, plus:

        Le Chien Fumant
        Au Pied de Cochon

        All of the above are in the Plateau area. You should know that dining solo is very common here, whether at the bar or at a table, so you can pretty much pick any place you want.

        1. With increasing distance from the centre of downtown:

          -Dominion Square Taverne
          -Joe Beef/Liverpool House/Vin Papillon (the former 2 will need a reservation)
          -3 Petits Bouchons
          -Maison Publique
          -Tuck Shop

          Max and Cheryl also gave great options (most of my favourites).