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Oct 28, 2013 10:42 AM

Fiori closed, Bell & Anchor changed names, and awaiting the opening of The 528

I heard on the local radio that Fiori closed last weekend...I had been there for dinner only once, and cocktails 2 times ( each time enjoyed very much ). Any info?

I go by the Bell & Anchor everyday and noticed the ( terrible! ) sign out front now says " The Prairie Whale " and it looks like its made up with duck tape. Looks hideous. I haven't been since they first opened, and I did enjoy it, but a few girlfriends the other day ( this is them talking, not me ) said they went in their for their first time last week and "it felt like nyc came in and sh*t in it" I don't know exactly what that means, but I thought I would relay what some local country ladies were saying...

And lastly we are awaiting the opening of the family friendly 528 restaurant where Friendlys used to be. Looking forward to a comfortable place to go with my 8 yr old...

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  1. The Restaurant Formerly Known as Bell and Anchor was forced to change its name due to a trademark situation -- no worries, nothing else has changed. The food is still excellent, by far my favorite restaurant in town. And yes, it has more than a little bit of Brooklyn influence -- fair enough, given the proprietor's distinguished background. Doesn't make the food any less tasty.

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      I did eat there two times and it was tasty

    2. As best I can tell Fiori does seem to be closed but I can't be completely sure, possible they are just closed for the season?

      Bell and Anchor/Prarie Whale I think the food is really really good. Not sure what would be considered "NYC" about it. The new name is questionable at best, but I agree that sign is terrible. Looks dirty and like it belongs at a Pizza Hut. I hope it is just temporary and they have ordered a better one or something. You can't even tell it's a restaurant, I wouldn't stop there driving through if I didn't already know about it.

      528 restaurant appears to be the slowest moving project in town. I have doubts it will ever open, if they couldn't get it ready by the end of the summer. The parking lot alone seemed to take 6 months.

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        I heard a family from Winsted, CT bought Fiori...