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Oct 28, 2013 10:37 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner in NYC... where to eat?

Hi NYC Chowhounds,
My girlfriend and I are gonna be in Manhattan over Thanksgiving from SF. We're not big turkey people and it's gonna be the two of us. Any recommendations on a restaurant that is 1) open on Thanksgiving and 2) would be hard to get in SF 3) would be a good NYC experience?

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  1. Many, many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving in NYC. Some of the big names will be closed but it's not like NYC turns into a ghost town. Especially given the Macy's Parade.

    It sounds like you don't want a traditional Thanksgiving experience. Is that correct? Restaurants that are open will likely be serving traditional Thanksgiving dinner prix fixes but with a choice of entree so you could have fish instead of turkey, etc, if you still want all the traditional sides. However, some ethnic restaurants will also be doing a "twist" on Turkey Day. There will also be some Asian restaurants open, serving their normal, a la carte menus (esp. in Chinatown).

    If you don't want turkey, maybe Japanese, Korean, Chinese? I would also look at Fatty Cue, RedFarm, maybe one of the Momofukus (they have posted some Christmas closures - perhaps that means they will be open Thanksgiving).

    Price will be the major limiting factor. What's your budget? Most restaurants do a prix fixe on this day. It's usually more expensive than their regular menu.

    Menus/bookings start about a month in advance.

    OpenTable has a special page dedicated to Thanksgiving in NYC:

    1. For Thanksgiving Dinner we like:
      Bubby's Pies
      & Artisanal
      Both have traditional and non traditional offerings.
      Last year I was solo and went to Sarge's for an amazing meal. They had a huge fire a few days later. I don't think they will be reopened by next month.

      1. Look into Picholine; 4 courses for $125, the food is incredible, the space is elegantly subdued.

        1. Easy -- Telepan! Their turkeyday menu is on their website. Yum

          1. "...would be hard to get in SF..."

            My foodie brother from SF loved Acme, the Modern Bar Room, Lincoln, Benoit, and Marea.