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Oct 28, 2013 10:27 AM

Anyone have homemade olives in DTW?

A few years ago I picked up 2 quarts of homemade olives at Papa Joes in Rochester. They were bright green and cured in garlic, a small amount of misc. veggies for color I suppose, and about 15 other spices. They were fantastic!! I went back a few months later and when I asked was told they were only an experiment by the store manager who had made them himself at home and had decided they were not worth the time nor trouble to ever do them again.

Is anyone aware of any metro market that might carry such little homemade marvels other than the standard olive bar stuff from Whole Foods, Salvagio's, etc (usually Del Allo brand stuff). Thanks!

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  1. Safie Specialty Foods in Chesterfield Township might be a good place to inquire. They've recently secured shelf space at Kroger for a few of their products.

    Business phone is 586-598-8282. Web address is:

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      Safie Foods sells a large variety of jarred, pickled products (and I buy a lot of them--those Padre peppers are great) but I was after fresh olives that have been recently cured and never canned/processed.

      1. re: Goldendog

        Sorry for the mislead. Did not understand you were looking to locate fresh, recently cured olives, Goldendog.

    2. Ventimiglia's in Sterling Heights sometimes cures their own* and often does house marinating with good, purchased olives. But, I'm not confident you will feel you've found anything better than the REGULAR stuff on offer at Papa Joe's olive bar (which is pretty good). In any event, if you like to chat olives, they will be glad to indulge you.

      *reference their FB posts of Sept5/7/8/10/11 2013 and their linked videos:

      1. My husband came home with a giant jar of green, really GREEN, olives for Costco recently. Can't tell you about them because I left them at the cabin up north. He says he sampled them and really liked them, hence the buy.