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Oct 28, 2013 10:23 AM

PBS show "A Chef's Life"

I was wondering if many PBS stations picked this up across the country, because it has a very Southern, local perspective. I think it is fantastic and hope others might agree.

If you haven't seen it on your local station, you can see it here:

Have any of you caught this one?

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  1. Have not seen it.. looks intriguing and well done. PBS write up here...

    1. Our PBS station carries this show. [Which is amazing, because they are a 'second-tier' PBS member.]

      It's a great show. Howard and Knight have had some major problems with The Chef and The Farmer, but watching them work through and even grow is interesting. And the food looks great. I also like that they reach out to and feature their purveyors almost every week.

      I hope that this show continues. And my sweetie laughs at me almost every week because we vacation in Eastern NC, and I describe the current ep to him - but have we ever been to the restaurant? Nooooo. Maybe next year.

      1. I like the show. Momentarily had it confused with another. Liked the whole hog episode.

        1. It's a great show and a great restaurant if you ever get the chance to visit.

          1. It's on in the Boston area. I don't recall if it was on the Boston, RI, or NH PBS station(s) our cable gets - maybe it's on all of them.

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              It's on WGBH (ch. 2) Boston, on Saturday afternoon.

              Today was the first time I've seen it. I take it their restaurant had fire damage at some point. The sauces Vivian was creating looked excellent, as did the rest of the food, but her husband seemed overwhelmed. Not to mention two very young children and building a house rather than buying one means juggling MANY plates, so to speak. Wonder if the marriage will last.