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Oct 28, 2013 10:20 AM

NYC Classics Tour - Arthur Ave Question

So, for my 50th, I'm taking my wife and 12yo son to NYC (from Washington DC). Trying to do places I remember my Dad taking me, and places that might still be around for my son to take his son.

I need a place for Weds (11/27 Tgiving Eve) lunch on Arthur Ave. Prefer old school, checkered tablecloth, veteran waiter, red sauce/veal piccata type place. Can anyone recommend one or two places? Will I need a reservation?

Sun Lunch: PJ Clark's
Sun Dinner: Babbo

Mon Lunch: GC Oyster Bar
Mon Dinner: Four Seasons Pool Room

Tues Lunch: Katz's Deli
Tues Dinner: La Grenouille

Weds Lunch: Arthur Avenue (Bronx)
Weds Dinner: Le Bernadin

Thurs Lunch (Tgiving): Nom Wah Tea Parlor (Chinatown)
Thurs Dinner: 21 Club Bar Room

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  1. Pasquale's Rigoletto (very old school)
    Mario's (white table cloths, been around since the 1920s)
    Dominick's (been a while, I think there are no tablecloths--but if there were they definitely would be checkered, no menus either). This place is a stereotype of old school.

    1. Think about trying Mike's Deli. You'll find a lot of neighborhood people dining there and the food is good. There is a cafe there if you want something a little spiffier.

      You may want to pick up a loaf of olive bread at Madonia Brothers (2348 Arthur Ave.), too.

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      1. re: foodiemom10583

        That is a very special loaf. Studded thru and thru with oil-cured black olives and excellent crumb structure. Stands tall with the best of breads and I mean Sullivan Street and Royal Crown.

        1. re: Mike R.

          It is a loaf that will make you distrustful of your loved ones for fear they will eat more than their share.

      2. robertos arthur avenue hands down. get the tubettini with calamari. i maybe eat pasta once a year, and i ate every bite of this enormous plate. it was incredible.

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        1. re: ellie from newburgh

          I don't think that I would classify Roberto's as an Italian-American red sauce place. It is far more refined and upscale than I think to OP is looking for. Veteran waiters, yes, but nothing resembling checkered tablecloths--or red sauce, for that matter.

        2. Domenick's is probably the place for you, but if it's a choice between a sit down meal and shopping, you should choose the latter. Just make sure you have some time to swing by Vincent's for cotechino, Calabria for soppressata, and Casa della Mozzarella for the namesake.