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Oct 28, 2013 10:07 AM

Kenwood Winery help - Doing a eat/drink loop from Marin through Kenwood

Ok - I have to create a special birthday this week for the DH. I was thinking of driving the 30 minutes to Fremont Diner (its a weekday) for early breakfast by 8AM. Then fitting in a little hike (Quarryhill perhaps) followed by a couple winery stops in Kenwood.

Looking for romantic/pretty/or wow factor for photos more than the best wine on this trip (though I love a good zinfandel). Was thinking of Ledson or we have never been to those two .... I usually stay in Sonoma proper for tastings.

Then I thought we would circle back home on the coast having a late lunch/early dinner at Nick's Cove.

A lot of driving, but I'm out of cool ideas and we went to Fremont Diner once during a peak time, and we've never been to Nick's.

Any suggestions appreciated, even ideas between Kenwood/Nicks - I don't know Petaluma/Tomales area too well.

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  1. Reports on Nick's have not been great.

    1. Ledson is a zoo with OK wine and in a mansion type building.

      Deerfield Ranch is a possibility. Grounds are OK, but you taste in a cave which is cool. Wines are solid.

      Hanzell (appt only and pricey) has awesome grounds/views and solid wine.

      Landmark & Chateau St. Jean are in the area (though a little past where you are going).

      1. I had a good tasting at Loxton last year. He's known for Zin and Syrah.

        Driving through the Valley of the Moon last Monday, I noticed that Paradise Ridge has a tasting room in Kenwood now.

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          Paradise Ridge's wines are nothing special but their hilltop tasting room / terrace in Santa Rosa is spectacular.

        2. Chateau St.Jean totally fits your description of romantic/pretty, it certainly has the wow factor. Pretty garden, flowers. The tasting room is upscale. And, you can find pretty decent wines, just have to let the staff know that you want to taste the good stuff, as opposed to the supermarket stuff...they pour both types of wine. I have always been impressed with their tasting room staff. Also, St.Francis is pretty and upscale. I would hit the Marshall Store before Nick's, as far as food goes, although admittedly, Nick's has the better atmosphere for what you are celebrating. Have fun.

          1. Thank you, I wanted to try something better than Nick's but it is on the way home and open early than some of the other options on a weekday. I have to get home by 6 :(. I'm going to look up some of these suggestions.

            For wine, I like Millat (not a photographers dream...) and we've been to Chateau St. Jean, which I do like for a picnic, but want to try something new.