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Oct 28, 2013 10:00 AM

Jerusalem must-eats?

Heading to Israel next week. Will mostly be in Jerusalem. Staying in Rechavia, but will be all over. What are some places that I MUST get to? Best coffee shops? Best late night quick dinners?

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  1. While in Jerusalem, I highly recommend checking out Kadosh (french cafe in town, dairy), Al dente (dairy fresh pasta in Nachlaot/Shaarei Chessed area), Pappagio (an insane all you can eat meat experience in Talpiot), and a fish and chips place in machane yehuda (the name escapes me, but it's in the open air portion of the shuk). There are plenty more places but that's just a sampling.

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      fish and chips in mahane yehuda right near another favorite pasta basta in mahane yehuda. we also really like hatchepuria in the outside area of mahane yehuda right near jacko's place as well as kosher indian. We also loved the breads at teller bakery in the shuk, cheese at basher cheese, rugalach in mahane yehuda. Sandwiches at moleculari on rehov eliash near the shuk. I guess the shuk is the place to be!

      other places I liked was agas v'tapuach, 6 Safra Square, meyer's french bakery on keren kayemet, luciana mamilla mall or emek refaim,

      the best meal we had hands down was the tasting menu at le regence in king david hotel

      up north of course is dag al hadan.

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        Lechem shel Tomer is a small chain of bakery/cafes (there's one on Azza in Rehavia)featuring excellent pastries made with real butter and other high quality ingredients. IMO they put the standard Israeli rugelach to shame. Recommended: marble cheesecake brownies, millefeuillles, creme brulee, almond croissants and just about anything in the store, with a large cafe hafuch.
        I ate at RYU (Asian-Israeli fusion, Rabbenut Mehadrin)on Emek Refaim a couple of weeks ago. It was superlative -- very fresh, flavorful, beautifully cooked meat & veg. Reasonable for the quality, also: 4 of us ate a very satisfying meal for a little over 400 NIS.
        If you eat anywhere on Emek Refaim ("Restaurant Row"), try take a walk afterwards on the new Tayelet haMesilla (Railroad Promenade)on the old train tracks -- goes as far as Liberty Bell Park in town. Great way to digest your meal and see and be seen by an interesting cross section of Jerusalemites.

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          Could you give more detail about the quality and variety of food at Pappagaio, please? I live in Jerusalem and thought of going there recently with guests from abroad, but didn't want to gamble on such an expensive place being a disappointment.

          1. re: almond tree

            I just read a few great reviews of Papagaio. FWIW.

            Here's my request for an upcoming quick trip: Fleishig with 8 year olds in Yeru for lunch and TA for lunch and dinner. Go!

            1. re: almond tree

              I was unimpressed by pappagaio. The variety wasn't that great, and for the price you paid you could order a lot off the regular menu. Unless you go with a bunch of people all planning on gorging themselves, I would skip pappagaio, or only order a la carte.

              1. re: avitrek

                Agree on Papagaio. My guess is that the favorable reviews are due to the ability to eat a ton of food at a reasonable price rather than due to the quality of the food.

                I was at Keyara two weeks ago, and thought the food was very good and reasonably priced.

                If you're adventurous, you could go for Me'urav Yerushalmi at either Sami's or Sima's on Aggripas at the other end to the shuk. Its a mixture of chicken hearts, liver, testicles and other delicious stuff.

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                  I had an intuition that Papagaio would be like you and Avi said. There are some very positive reviews of Keyara online -- can you give me an idea of how much your meal cost per person?

                  1. re: almond tree

                    $145 for three.

                    We started with 2 eggrolls, and one order of dim sum. Three main courses, and one big serving of rice with meat and veggies. They tell you one rice should be enough. One bottle of mineral water. No Dessert.
                    You can find 10% off coupons on for Keyara and many other restaurants all over Israel.
                    I forgot to use my coupon this time.

                    1. re: njkosher

                      Thanks. Will mentally file for a special occasion.

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                    I was very disappoiunted with Sima when I went but I love Hatzot - and they claim to have invented the Jerusalem Mix!

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                      website address for Hatzot? kosher?

                      1. re: cat81

                        kosher rabbenut. here's a link to an English menu (over a year old)

            2. Arcaffe is the best coffee shop in Israel (they have them in Tel-Aviv, Herzliya and Kiryat Tivon that I've been - maybe more) - it's up there with the best Italian and French coffees.
              They have great breakfasts too!

              1. Definite yes to Keyara. And if you want an authentic Israeli grill experience, very easy on the budget go to Grill Bar in the Ben Yehuda area. Be sure to start with their amazing just made fluffy pitas and an array of salatim. Sit outside for the full experience. Not at all elegant, but nice service and very good food.

                1. We ate at Herzl in the new mall just outside the old city. It was quite good but fell short of great. Still, the place is lovely.

                  1. Sasson v'Simcha just opened about a month ago in First Station. It's kosher and we've been back three or four times.

                    Reasonably priced kebabs and a whole row of bubbling pots with various soups and stews, Iraqi and Persian-style.