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Oct 28, 2013 09:35 AM

Italian in Tokyo

I am. Or, more to the point, will be in a about a week and a half.

But I'm also looking for a great Italian restaurant in Tokyo (I've done my due diligence and scoured the boards but couldn't find a recent recommendation).

On my past visits, I've been to Aroma Fresca, Ristorante Aso, Il Ghiottone, and Faro. I could certainly make a return visit to any of the aforementioned but was wondering if all had any suggestions fora must-try Italian restaurant?

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  1. I was to a great Italian place about 4-5 years ago:
    "Il Grappolo da Miura"
    They had wonderful homemade pasta and bread (our waitress had baked the bread that day!) and delicious meat and fish.

    1. If you liked the places above, you should try Ristorante Honda.

      1. The Biodinamoco / Il Teatrino group isn't as good as it used to be but is still very good. There's Felicelina too.

        1. I had dinner last week at Bottega del Michele in Aoyama. Food and service were wonderful.

          1. If you don't mind the slight odd seating arrangement, Felicelina is very good. I had fantastic uni spaghetti and squid ink pasta there last year. The grilled anago (with fois gras & black truffle) was OTT - in a good way. My dinner companion commented that they preferred Bingo's uni pasta - haven't tried it myself, but that could also be an option.

            Antica Trattoria Nostalgica is consistently good. Meatier than Felicelina, but I they do a good karasumi (bottarga) spaghetti and an asari (clam) fregula to satisfy fish fiends.

            I haven't been to Icaro for about 3 years, but am tempted to return now that I see their beet and ricotta ravioli is on the menu next month. They are, of course, most famous for the deer pappardelle that won them all that ¥¥¥. Anyone been recently?