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Oct 28, 2013 08:53 AM

cardamom pods?

Where can I find cardamom pods? The Whole Foods on Callowhill had whole cardamom but not the pods. My recipe calls for 10 pods, and it was hard estimating how many of the little seeds make up a pod. And then it was annoying to have to pick out the little seeds instead of a pod in my rice dish.

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  1. the Spice Corner on the Italian Market has them.


      (Seriously it's where I buy most of my spices these days. I can find all the specialty ones I need, in bulk or small amounts, and with Prime get fast/free shipping.)

      1. Vietnamese markets on Washington should have them

        1. Any of the South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, etc) markets should have them. Check the store at 42nd and Walnut if you're in the area.

          Head Nut on the Main Line and in the Reading Terminal Market should have them too.

          1. Penzey's has them. you can check out the store in Chestnut Hill or at

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              I second Penzey's for most every spice. Generally very high quality. I spend about $100 every winter there, and stock up for the year (I keep them all in a secondary fridge in the basement).

              That said, if I need something quickly, I either visit the Indian grocery on the 4200 block of Walnut or Makkah Market at the corner of 43rd & Walnut. They have a nice selection of inexpensive spices in the back. In fact, they had two varieties of ras al hanout when I visited this week. That place is a little gem.