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Oct 28, 2013 08:26 AM

New Year in Philadelphia

Good Morning,
I will be traveling to Philly from Boston on December 30 and I will stay there until January 2nd. I need recommendation on where to have a nice dinner the 31st and also lunches and dinners the other days. I am looking for typical Philly's flare but also for places that have wonderful food in general (it can be a sandwich spot too!) Thank you so much to those who can help!:)

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  1. Do you know where you are staying yet? Will you have a car?

    Also, like most big cities a lot of places are going to be having packages for New Years Eve.. many of which have not been announced yet. My experience is that New Years Eve can be one of the worst nights to dine out unless you go very early. Limited menus, poor service, goal to turn over tables can lead to sub par dining experiences.

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      Thank you. We are going to be 6 and yes we will have a car. Not sure yet about the area we will stay.... It would be nice to get recommendations also for this :)

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        I'd stay in Center City, Old City, or Rittenhouse, that will put almost all of the city's interesting restaurants within your reach either on foot, by cab, or subway. I agree about special NYE menus/events, you should skip them if at all possible, try to find a place that is *not* doing a special menu and go earlier in the evening.

        A little more info would help narrow down places to recommend, like how much you'd like to spend, any dietary restrictions/dislikes, etc. but for now some of my favorite meals in the city are at places like:

        Vedge (best restaurant in the city right now IMO)
        Bibou (BYOB)
        Noord (BYOB)
        Kanella (BYOB)
        South Philly Tap Room (SPTR)
        Will (BYOB)

        Some other places I'd suggest for smaller bites or lunch:

        Paesano's on the Italian Market (city's best sandwiches)
        Capogiro for gelato
        Reading Terminal Market

    2. Regarding accommodations: Of course the choice of an area may be directly related to your planned activities or the location of your local friends. With that said there is currently a good choice of very nice hotels in Center City; from small boutique B&Bs and hotels to the level of the Ritz Carlton, Rittenhouse & Four Seasons and the other standard hotels like the Omni, Wyndam and Marriotts. The Palomar, The Morris House and Monaco have been noted as great small hotels.