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Oct 28, 2013 08:14 AM

per se corkage

Looking for people with experince byob-ing to per se. If you have, please read on...

A couple of years ago, I brought a bottle to TFL, and then also bought wine there, and they ended up not charging us for the corkage. In your experience, will per se always charge full freight? If i bring 2.5 bottles and buy a half-bottle, what are the chances we'd get hit for the full $225 (90*2.5)?

And since i know they keep great records, and it might make a difference, this will be my fourth time at per se, plus once at TFL...last time we spent a ton on wine.

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    1. re: alex1018

      Here's the thing alex, people who are treated courteously at PerSe (or any other restaurant) with respect to corkage waivers will not publicly post about it, even anonymously.

      Doing so puts the restaurant in an awkward position.

      If you have a special bottle (or bottles) you would like to open while dining at Per Se, let the somm know in advance, be courteous and gracious about it (and maybe even order a bottle or two from the list), never ask for a waiver explicitly, and knowing the FOH at PerSe I am sure they will reciprocate not only your passion for wine, but your gracious attitude.

      Cheers, and enjoy your meal.

    2. I would not count on deals on corkage at Per se unless you arrange in advance, I did once arrange a set fee once but we were a table of 8, for lunch and it was more than 1 bottle per person. The wine list is high priced so if I bring some of my better bottles the $90 is change compared to their price on a similar bottle

      Per Se, if only due to location is less accomodating on corkage that TFL...