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Mar 23, 2005 08:27 PM

Dallas - Easter Brunch Suggestion Needed

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Suggestions for Easter brunch. Nothing too high end (Mansion). Or just a suggestion for you favorite Dallas Sunday brunch location.


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    TheSingleGourmet has some listings right now for the Easter season. Try that. I'm really not much of a brunch person. Having said that, I do like going to Ziziki's on Travis Walk for Sunday Brunch. It's every good (Greek) with lamb and chicken and shrimp and stuff. It's in the mid twenty dollar range and includes refills on champagne or mimosas. There is another location in North Dallas somewhere.

    It depends what you want really. An all you can eat buffet or an order off the menu brunch? And if places are putting on a special spread for Easter, you might want to book now before they get full.

    Let us know where you try.


    1. Hattie's in the Byshop arts district, La Duni (Oak Lawn or Mckinney), Parigi (sp?) on Oak Lawn.

      1. I will resurrect this one for the upcoming holiday. I know one of the better kept secrets for Easter brunch in Dallas. Lets take a short sampling of several wonderful choices then I will wow you all with one you may not have thought of.

        We all seem to like Pyle's here, he has a 3-course meal planned for $50 plus an extra 10 for bottomless mimosas. Not bad.

        Chow beef at III Forks, its a nice 4-course meal for $50 and I have done this in the past and remember the mimosa was part of the gig. Get your beef fix after eating all that fish.

        Arcodoro & Pomodoro is hardly, if ever mentioned here. Enjoy the fare of Sardinia while dining of such delights as the polenta with baby calamari, semolina dumplings and braised baby lamb, or squid ink risotto and prawns. They will feature the regular menu which will average $50 without wine.

        Brunch at the Mandalay on the canal, and enjoy the usual trappings of all super Easter brunches replete with the egg hunts for the kids, gondola rides for the romantics and a hopping jazz trio to boot. All this love for $55 a head.

        Dallas has many choices obviously, and I hope to hear some great suggestions. But what I am jazzed about is the 4-course brunch at Old Warsaw that has several nice menu selections including a fabulous dessert for a mere $39. Think lobster bisque and roast duck or pan seared sea bass. A grilled to perfection filet of prime beef wins handily over a dried out carving station and eggs Benedict. i enjoyed this for Father's Day and was enamoured then as I am now just thinking of the return visit. I have the chocolate souffle already ordered...

        1. A little bit on the more formal side, but Nana has an annual Easter Brunch that is fabulous and family friendly. The four-course brunch (with options) is $65 per person including champagne for adults, and $24 for a three-course menu for children under 12.

          1. Try Humperdinks. They have 5 locations. Offer a Brunch Menu plus their regular menu. No buffet. Prices $10 to $13. Lots of food! And $2 Mimosas. Kid's brunch is $5 and they have a weekend kids special in most of the locations for 1/2 off. check them on line.